Butterflys have gone to sleep/ The fence lizards to / But never my thoughts of you / Foliage leaves turn from summer green to gold / Last Summer was for us to remember,- to hold /--Somber Winter just beyond,--/ Steps up --threatens---Is ready to claim the white dust of us buried beneath our hopeless whishes that never came true in Spring yet in Winter's ghost still remain---------Tuesday, 10/15/2013----And so on to "Transient Man"---Five minutes to midnight / Full moon shinin' bright / I'm steppin' back from thoughts and memories of you tonight / A whispered silver sight in a pewter gray cloud / You surround my lonely / Keeping me a constant , haunting company that seems bound to solely encompass my soul in a tortured shroud /--Every footfall a hollow drumbeat along a desolate street that deadend leads to nowhere / --To far away from you not there /----I walk these narrow alleys of time, ever moving forward to back / Hopeless yet hoping to find reincarnate the truth of you /   Flesh held close to flesh / Adream of reality once known a future ago / Unreleasing of mind and soul /---Withered in longing , I cannot grow nor outrun the remenisced unkind specter of you that travails me so /--Those on the moonlit, midnight streets beside me watch and wonder--/ They cannot understand The unheeling wound to the soul of this transient man----5/24/2013------


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