I cant believe I am finally going to a Michael Bolton concert. Michael's music has got me through some of the toughest and best times in my life. I had severe depression and anxiety from a young age and Michael bought me back with "When I'm Back On My Feet Again" My husband and I who have been together for 20 years (only got married last year on our 19th anniversary) had "promise you" as our wedding song. When we had been dating for a short while I said to my husband listen to this song it is how I feel about you (Said I Loved You But I Lied) he didn't listen properly and he was most hurt then he listened more carefully and realized what I was saying we also played that at the end of our ceremony. We have 2 boys 19 and 15 they have also grown up with Michael when they were younger we used to have music days and michael would always get played and on road trips sometimes much to there despice because they really dont like admitting to their mates that they know all Michael's songs. In 2008 I became very ill and at one stage died on the operating table my poor family so as they would do anything for their mum and wife when I was better again they let me play Michael full boar for days on end. In 2010 when we had just finished building our first home (only been in there 2 weeks) I got a call from my mum to say my dad had taken his life again I fell in a big hole I had to keep in my head when I'm back on my feet again. My mother came to live with me for a while after this and now Michael has become a joy a help and sometimes sadness in her life to in a good way of course. Last year I had an accident at work and hurt my back and hip once again when I havn't been able to do much I just play Michael's songs and I feel alive again. My husband and I have said there alwys is a positive from a negative and I believe it is fate we saw a poster in Perth on one of my specialist appointments early this year saying Michael was doing a Perth concert usually we wouldn't find these things out till after the fact and I said to my husband then I am going without fail hoping I would be well enough. Which leads me to FINALLY I get to see you in real life playing 17th April I can't wait. My husband can't come which makes me sad but he suggested I go with my mum and sister so there were no hesitations there. My sister lives up north and my mum now has her own house 5 minutes away from me so I said to both of them you are coming to Michael with me we will make it a special couple of days for us. I paid for flights for my sister, paid for our tickets and a hotel room for the night it cost me $1500 but I think for all of us it will be the best time of our lives. I AM SO SO EXCITED FOR THE 17TH OF APRIL ONLY 2 MORE SLEEPS THANKYOU MICHAEL BOLTON FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART FOR ALL YOUR MUSIC HAS GIVEN ME OVER MY LIFE. I don't know wether I am going to cry laugh or pee my pants I am exitedly nervous I will probably do all those things. Again thankyou and It is going to be fantastic I can feel it in my bones. Love to my mum Sue sister Leslie and to my perfect Husband and sons Chris Jade and Liam you are my world and I am glad you have lived Michael with me even when you don't alwys want to.

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