You are so amazing and have been my favorite singer since I was like 10.. You performed near my hometown November 9, 2002 at Wild Adventures in Valdosta, Ga. I remember this day clearly b/c I had all intentions & dreams of going until my youngest daughter decided she would come into this world on November 7, 2002..I was literally depressed about it for felt like my dreams of meeting you were crushed.. I was so upset, of course not b/c she was born but b/c they kept me in the hospital and I wasn't able to come..If there was one thing in this world that would make my dreams come true it would be to meet you!!! Hopefully soon, like real soon :) you will feel like umm, ya know, feel really generous and make my dreams come true!!
That would be so amazingly awesome..You just don't have a clue! Even my 15 and 10 year old knows your songs they have listened to them since they were born...So, with all that being said please consider helping me to make my dream come true!!!I I wish you a very happy birthday and many many more!!!!

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