Just got a chance to view new video clips and find out how buzy you've been.  Wishing you an enjoyable Daddy's an Granddaddy's day especially  since you are the daddy of abrand  new album that appears to be absolutely killer!   i guess Sunday will be golf all day in the morning, the nineteenth hole in the evening and if you can find it after the nineteenth hole, dinner at the restaurant with a very beautiful woman in the evening.  Tell Regis to learn the rest of the lyrics to When A man loves a woman and he can put on a red wig and some bright red lipstick and sing the female lead for the duet.  Lol  A Quick note to let you know that Amelia Rose placed in the sixth at Hollywood Park on the fourth of June.  Also something that might be of interest to you --Bob Steinbrinck who writes for our local newspaper, and who worked on K M P C radio here in L. A. for 25 years was recalling a time in Dodgers history when Walter O'Malley moved the Dodgers to Chavez Ravine --On the Dodgers opening day in '62 the feld was soaked so Steinbrinck's boss, Gene Autry  sent the radio stations helicopters to hover over the turf for many long hours in order to dry the field.  It worked but Steinbrinck goes on to say that O'Malley was less than graciously gratefull  as the Angels shared the field and got billed 50%  for all operating costs including toilet paper yet the Dodgers drew more than twice the fans in effect forcing Gene to pay more than a fair share but he never complained.  Mr. Steinbrinck on aol--the Riverside county Record @ www.countyrecordnews.com e-mail recorddhb@aol.com  if you wish to enjoy more of Mr. Steinbricks wry humor --paper costs 25 dollers a year also owner of paper, David Barnes quite a commentater himself, other contributers to paper include Michael Murphy and David Foster.

Hope the C.D. release party was a blast---another lady killer this one. OLOTS&TH,AS&GSD&Pand see you to your next destination safely  >>>


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