Hello from Berlin - Germany Europe from one of your great handicaped human Fan of You Michael !!!!

Cody N . - Nana

DE - 10589 BERLIN

Fed. - Rep. - of - Germany

E-Mail: cnn_cody_nana_98@hotmail.com

Dear Michael;

I am an great Helene Fischer Fan too as the same like You too!!! I live here in Germany in Berlin in Europe in the Federale Capitale City since 1982! Before we have lived together my parents and me in Munich in Bavaria! Before there I was borne in Bucharest - Romania in July the 13th in 1976 and after two years we have settled to former Ex - West - Germany to Munich, that was 1978!

I have listen to your beauty full and wonderful Music with is an special Love Message in your music texts since 1990 I was so impressed and happy about your songs and music really, I swear it! I wish I could have to your next Tour here in Germany in Berlin her in my home-town to meet and to see you personally for an moments and to speak and hold an nice conversations with you together with my own Girl-Friend whitch is 8 / eight years older than me in comparison! I wish so very much to have the real big chances here in Berlin Germany to meet you Michael! I work here in Berlin Germany as an Volunteer as an Voting Registrations for the U.S. Democrats Abroad Europe - Germany, in Germany for the U.S. Citizens which are living undefinedly as U.S. Americans Aborad Citizens to get to the Vote and took the Vote over Seas by letters or Mails or by E-Mail's too!!

I like so much also your Duets together with Helene Fischer which you have bring out on your Duets Albums songs together with other music artist and also with Helene Fischer which I like as You so very much and I appreciated Helene so very much too!

My lovely Mother has listened very often and also regularly to your music CD's and music Albums which you have bring out in the 90-ties centuries decade before the millenniums of 2000! But also after the millenniums of 2000 too of course she has listened to your music! She loved it so very deeply so much before she has died under the suffering cancers illness from the stoma cancer in July 2002 the 20th she has died!

I wish for me and for my mother to have an chances to get an meet and greet special backstage after the Concerts Shows here in Berlin Germany to meet you personal Michael so much really!!

When you will be personally again here in Berlin - Germany in Europe in the next Year 2015 Michael??? I wish so much to have the Chances to meet you personally after your music show at your Live Concerts here in Berlin - Germany backstage behind the stage after the show in the V-I-P - Lounge Rooms together maybe or probably with Helene Fischer however if you will give an feature ring with Helene Fischer together!!!

May GOD bless YOU So Much really Michale I pray everyday in the Jewish Synagogue for You too and for Your family and for your Kids / children too really I swear it!!!

Sincerly Your loyal deepest honest strong supporter & Fan;

from Berlin - Germany,

CODY N . - Nana

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