how does society see people with challenges

Hello everyone Today I got a dose of reality to see how people with challenges I mean it's really kinda sad how people are treated when they have challenges I mean I wonder if people would step foot in some one shoes for a day that would be such a huge wakeup call for a lot of people who call them selves Normal Society yeah what is Normal? really I mean I am a person with a challenge and people treat me different because I have one I mean even in the work place people it's always labeling people who do to do have challenges I mean my brother has austim and he faces many challenges ahead of him but people treat him so differently but he always is happy the way he is maybe we need to stop judging people who are different and start making sense of this world in which we live does any one out there agree with me? really? Anyways, you Normal people should think twice before you even say anything about people who are aren't like you ever think of that?  wouldn't you realize that I am like you no matter what you think of me I am a person who has many differences but I don't let that get me down I mean people wake up and smell the coffee and realize that are people out here with differences and we need to give them a hand. am I right?
thank you
from alayna

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Comment by Terry Martin on August 27, 2011 at 3:39am

Beautifully spoken Alayna.


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