Hello dearest friends, how are you? anyways this song by Micheal Bolton is just one of those inspirational songs anyways it reminds me of not saying ready to say to bye to my dad when he passed away I didn't want to let him go :( god I miss him so much it's so hard to not being able to see him again and I just don't know what I can do with out my dad being here any one :( it just really sucks not having a fatherly figure in my life I feel so alone with my dad here :( it's so hard during that time in my life I never wanted to say to good bye to my dad god I wish he was here with me Im not ready to say to good bye but i have to it's so hard not seeing his smiling face and his warm heart and his grace Im not ready say to say to good bye but I had to it was hard not able to say to good bye :( 
so here's the song everyone

hope you enjoy it 

I miss you dad so much I was never ready to let you go but I know I had to because now you with god in peace we miss you so much and I miss seeing your smiling face
I love you

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