All before me shows/  Red, green and white/   Until the silver of the moon comes up at night--/   Darkness falls--covers all with a deep, midnight blue--/ The hummingbirds that challanged the hawk's, high-soaring flight / Are now hidden ---/  Safe from the owl's sight--/  Moonrise---this time full--/Lights up the skys--The stars fade from their brillance ---/--But they have resiliance--They'll be back in time, but for now,                 i step out the door and the night is mine -----Airships,  one after one in line ,         Disturb, challange the Earth and it's bend --/ i can remmember when a shooting star, passing by, Was my only "Friend"  / At Three A.M.-------------------------------Circle  C--Allrights reserved words by Claire B. Munson whose psuedonym is Astri*-3,31,2013--9:50 P.M.----


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