Hi everyone!!! You’ve been asking and the time has finally come to announce plans for my brand new studio album via smarturl.it/MichaelBoltonPM. I’m inviting you in on the journey from concept to completion. Hopefully it will challenge and inspire you as much as it does me, and I can’t wait to see what we all come up with! Here's how it works! When you pre-order the album, you automatically get access to all kinds of behind the scenes pics, videos and other updates from me during the recording sessions. I've also created some new merch and will offer a few select personal experiences – everything from personalized lyric sheets and live birthday greetings, to in-studio visits and concert VIP packages. Go check it out!! smarturl.it/MichaelBoltonPM

Check out Michael's video explanation of how this works:

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Comment by Alice Summerhill on August 6, 2015 at 7:04pm

I am with you Linda Gallo, I am eating my heart out looking at all those things I cannot afford to buy.  I will put my faith in the power of prayer for a miracle for one day.  Sometimes we all need a little bit of charity thrown our way. *sighs*

Comment by Linda Gallo on August 6, 2015 at 6:38pm

Brilliant!  I love it!  Prices are just a tad too high for this single Grandmother-at-risk living on a very small social security check once a month.  Pleae add a "miracle" or two into the package to sweeten the deal for those of us who would love to partake but who find the bill collectors taking from us.  Still facing an additional $250 electric bill - it's been HOT here in AZ and the A/C is working double time.  Unfortunately, I have to deal with WHAT IS not with what I want it to be.  Don't forget Maestro that the REAL "soul of it all" is founded IN LOVE - the Almighty God, not the almighty dollar.  Just a little reminder - focus on the Giver and remember that "True love conquers all things"   With only 498 left, there appears little chance for Yours Truly to be able to take advantage of this really great opportunity.  I throw myself on your mercy Dear...

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