Looking for a Hollywood Film Agent " Title "The Other Side of Me"

I am looking for an agent for Hollywood Film to help me with the book I am writing. The title is "The Other Side of Me". A fordbidden love yet lies with innocense, but nothing or no one can stop the true love, this so much passion and with a most heart wrenching love from a man who must remain truthful to his celivacy vows. Yet, his love for this beautiful young married woman with a happy family cannot be denied. A love he had never expressed or felt towards anyone else before. He would find every way to express his feeling and continued to woe the woman he loves so much. His heated and most passionate love for this woman has grown so intently that even the vatican cannot stop his aching heart to continue to hide his love. But where and how or would there be an end to this kind of love?

This love story will bring great message about true love, faith, patience, true sacrifice, faithfulness. The beginning, middle and the end of the story is very breathtaking and you will wonder if you are the one experiencing this story will you give this story a title the "Other Side of Me" or something else?

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