Hey everyone. Michael here...just wanted to catch you up and let you know how blown away I am by the responses of the audiences so far to the new songs and show and a new band member or two. Every single show and thetwo days of non stop rehearsalbefore the Royal Albert Shows was all to nail these shows and the ones still to come… and reading an email like the one Carol sent proves we aren't imagining things. The hard work and the passion combined pays off.

What absolutely amazing audiences we have been performing in front of night after night, but that 2nd night at Royal Albert Hall in London was something so moving for me, impossible to describe. If the 11 cameras caught just 1/2 of what I saw and felt we are golden!!! Thank you again for everything. We played Belfast and the power I felt of "peace in (Belfast) northern Ireland” was profoundly moving. In Romania, the crowds were huge (a free, outdoor concert that drew, some say, as many as 50,000 people) and almost blasted us off the stage with intense energy. I also took part in what turned out to be an inspirational recording session at Apple Studios for “Hope for Heroes,” which is an event for the returning men and women of the military who have served in Afghanistan and Iraq. “Hope for Heroes” provides help and support to wounded and disabled soldiers and their families. If you have not done so, check out group The Soldiers who are still active in service to their country -- and their hit song, Coming Home. Awesome...

I did all that after visiting Leeds so I could take pictures for my mother of the city where she was born . Just played Copenhagen, flew to Venice, did a TV show, and flew to London all in about 30 hours to where I am at 5 a.m., just getting into the hotel. Will be home in the US for a minute and then back to Europe to promote the album - beginning Nov 26th in Aalborg, Denmark, back to Rome and a few other stops--wanted to be home for my mother’s 90th birthday—then out again. So, bye for now.

Best and much love,


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