As some of you know, the CD has been released in the UK, and I have heard from many of you that you have either ordered the CD, are looking forward to hearing it yourself, or have spoken to others who have it. I have gotten so much positive feedback, and I want to thank you for your support and patience.

I just spent a week in London doing promotion and it occurred to me, as I did 25 plus interviews, that I have not blogged in a while and told you any of what I have been speaking about in the media...not directly, anyway, not for many of you outside of Europe.

First of all, I love that people love this record. I was so fortunate to have collaborated with some of the hottest, most talented, dedicated young artists, writers and producers on “One World One Love.” The process was long, but filled with many poignant moments and powerful memories!

One of the artists, a person of immense interest to the press, is:
Lady Ga Ga.So gifted, one of the most disciplined, intelligent and hard working people in the industry. She is fresh and fun but most of all, she has enough heart and soul to discover many creative elements and various directions for her art. Ga Ga is an amazing singer and performer; she directs her own videos, is hands on in production of her studio records and continues to make the right decisions for her skyrocketing career. I have often referred to her in interviews as a young Madonna, but I believe she's surpassed that already, as she seems to me to have the reins of her career in her hands so early on. She is fearlessly, artistically motivated and wise in the execution of her art form. There is a lot of emphasis on her being a performance based artist, but the fact that she can deliver live is a rare, refreshing aspect to me and after working in the studio with her, in person, I can say she has the voice, the range and a great sense of melody and of course, lyrics.

I have been asked repeatedly what it was like to work with her, and it was a love fest!!! Creatively and personally, she is a star and I knew that would be the case when we first met. When it was suggested that we work together, and we were introduced, I told her that we were going to need to do something that would absolutely slay our audience-she fired back, “murder my heart” and we took off from there. If you are wondering if she is as fashionable and spectacular off stage, then yes, she is...she is all about her art and still grasps all of the elements that are daunting or challenging to creative people. She's got it all. Some members of the press have asked me about what they feel is an “unusual collaboration” in describing our writing together, but as one journalist said to me, it is so easily understandable, especially once the song is heard and the wide range of artists whom I have written for or who have covered my songs is considered.

Lady G, I was told, is a huge fan of my work, and once I heard her voice and music, I became a die-hard fan of hers. I am proud to add Lady G to the list of diverse, amazing, writers/singers with whom I have written (from Bob Dylan, to Paul Stanley, Mutt Lang, Diane Warren and Ne -Yo, to songs recorded by Barbra Streisand, Kiss, Cher, Wynona, Joe Cocker, etc. My music has been sampled by Kanye and Jay Z) so this was an endeavor I embraced enthusiastically. The fact that our working together resulted in this great song is a huge plus, we blended and merged the styles unique to each of us, and the blend is fine and smooth and new…
Mutual respect and opening up to differences can be the first step to amazing results. Diversity is a big part of what the new album is all about.

Lady Ga Ga rules the global stage and her fame and worldwide appeal speaks to uniting all of us through her music. Unity, One World One Love.. We're on it..,
Next time, let me talk about Ne-Yo... genius!!

Thanks for being the best fans in the world. I can't wait to begin touring with this new music. We'll have lots of changes and a great new, exciting show and the only thing missing will be…you…

I am very curious as to which songs are you favorites. What should I include in the show? I know that the CD is not so easily available outside of the UK, but the rest of Europe and the US releases will be coming soon. So keep in mind that I'd like your help, and when you do you hear the CD, let me know and help me choose the songs for the new show.

Bye for now….

With love always,

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