Micheal Remembers Pavorotti! Spirited Dona Remembers Her Pavoritti! Pieta Signore!

I was thinking of Pavorotti, last night! How all we singers wanted to sing with him or hear his professional advice! God has truly blessed, you, Micheal Bolton, to have sung with him, met him! You take it seriously, so I am sure he enjoyed his time with you! Micheal sings a song dedicated to Pavarotti, in his current shows, "Nessum Dorma"! My song is Pieta Signore! This Song Inspires and changes your life! It 's translation in a basic way is-- Have Pity, Mr God! A plea to God to forgive the humaness, no punishment of inferno! A one on one talk to God! But the tune is just enveloping, the muscians, conductor, perfection at making it envelope the room! What a concert this was, viewed worldwide! Taped Montreal, 1978! Pavarotti modulates the whole song, correctly! Chills as he implores God! If you never listen to but one classical song-- Listen to this one! And ALL Micheal Bolton classical music! LoL!

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