Hi friends,  welcome to my first blog! :D I will see if I can  upload pictures and details about my new creations, wish me luck! Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie <3


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Comment by sylvie boisvert on September 14, 2015 at 7:07pm
lol You have a way with words Amie, thank you! It means a lot to me to get such praise from another creative soul, thank you sweetie and glad you like it, thanks for posting Amie, take care. Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie <3
Comment by Amie Angeli on September 14, 2015 at 4:26pm

You are so ingenious!  A creative visionary.  I'm always blown away by your imaginative works.  This takes the cake!  LOL!  Calins toujours.  Votre Amie

Comment by sylvie boisvert on September 13, 2015 at 4:17pm

Hi Kathy, thanks for posting. You are most welcome for the music box sweetie and I’m thrilled that you love it so much! I’ll pass on the message to my son. I obviously know how much details I put in, so I know my son does his best for them to be seen properly. Ah thanks Kathy, yes she is precious... Hard to believe it’s almost been a year since that picture. I hope I’ll be able to get another one of her with her bear soon. :D Take care Kathy and thanks again for posting. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie <3

Comment by Kathy Tulsa on September 13, 2015 at 7:54am
Dear Sylvie, thank you so much too for the precious music box. I am so happy and thankful for the unique gift of one of your masterful music boxes too and it sits on my huge knick knack shelf right where I can see it all of the time :). I treasure it my friend and I love it !!! ♡

The other young lady received a beauty as well.....it is gorgeous !! :). I am glad your son was kind enough to take these fantastic photos too and helped you in making them....thanks to him as well :).

Your granddaughter is precious, Sylvie ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡.
Comment by sylvie boisvert on September 13, 2015 at 12:23am

Hey Sylvia, thanks for posting sweetie, glad you like it. I'm sure my designs are not always obvious, but who can argue the visions of a blind girl? lol Take care Sylvia and thanks always for your interest and support. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie <3 

Comment by sylvia doughty on September 12, 2015 at 10:05pm

Thanks for share Sylvie and that looks absolutely beautiful.  Have to admit, at first, looking at picture with hole in centre, I thought what is Sylvie up to now......have we to start guessing what it is going to be ....LOL   The finished product, all lit up, is absolutely delightful and whoever the little girl is, is one lucky little girl, for sure !!! :)  Thanks again for share Sylvie, thanks !!! :)

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Comment by sylvie boisvert on September 9, 2015 at 1:14am

Hi again friends, these last 2 pictures were taken to have a better view of the backstage area you couldn’t see with the podium and finally, the whole thing lit up. All you’re seeing was sewn: no glue or staples. It takes a lot out of my fingertips, but it’s very much worth the end results. Hope you enjoy. Thanks again for your interest, take care, sincerely, Sylvie <3

Comment by sylvie boisvert on September 9, 2015 at 1:11am

Hi friends, today I bring you one of my most epic music boxes yet. I worked on it all summer, supervised under my son’s watchful eye. The recipient is a very special young lady. The theme, for those who aren’t familiar with it is Disney’s “Frozen” animated movie. The recipient is a young singer, hense the podium and backstage area and is my artistic vision of an icy mountain. The podium crank/turntable lights up and plays Disney’s “Let it go”.


The figurine is princess Elsa. If my son followed my picture instructions, my first pics should be of the front, the back and an air view of the top of the base. More pics in part 2. Thanks for your interest, sincerely, Sylvie <3

Comment by sylvie boisvert on August 5, 2015 at 3:22pm

Hi Sylvia, you’re very welcome sweetie, glad you like the pics. I’m very fortunate to have a photographer that cares... :D It’s really heartwarming to  know Kathy is showing it off on Facebook, thanks for confirming. Thanks always for your interest Sylvia, take care. big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie <3

Comment by sylvia doughty on August 5, 2015 at 12:30pm

WOW Sylvie another beautiful one and thanks so much for sharing !!! )   Kathy did put it out on FB with pic but you can see music box much clearer with your pics .... thanks again for share Sylvie, thanks !!! :)

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend


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