Never saw Michael At The Royal Albert Hall

I saw Mr. Bolton last night in concert and as always he was amazing,the vocals he threw down were as good as he has ever sang!
My upset was with the security that didn't let me and my fiancé through to see him after the show as I was promised by the manager.
The thing was I asked my fiancé to marry me in Mexico 3 days ago and we had a 2 week holiday booked but as my fiancé booked the trip that was very expensive and I had to pay for it (the guys know what I'm talking about). So as I wanted to keep seeing Michael a surprise,I broke it to her 2 days ago that we would have to come home and see him as as you can imagine she was not happy with me but I explained we might not get another chance to see the king of soul perform again live in London,so she agreed to cut short our holiday and jet back to see the main man in person. I got to the Albert Hall straight from the airport yesterday morning and I was told after explaining my story to the management that I could say hello and maybe get a picture that we could cherish for the rest of our lives but the security wouldn't let me in and I was devastated with this!
So this is a message directly to Mr. Bolton,if indeed your reading this and I know you have a few shows left in the uk,if you could see it In your heart to met us to say hello and get a picture with you I would be indebted to you and your staff if you could make this possible for me!
Thankyou and your team for reading this and I hope to hear back from you!
From your number one greatest male fan!
Peter Kearney

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