Pavarottis concert for children in Bosnia vs voice on Tour

As I am working for charity for education for children with downs syndrom, I got in dec. 2009 as a present the DVD edition of Pavarottis concerts for children. When I heard the performances of Michael Bolton I was overwhelmed by the variety of his voice. I must admid and excuses to all fans and Mr. Bolton, I never heard of him before...So when I heard in February that he will come for a concert to Germany to Düsseldorf (100km from where I live) in December this year, I bought a ticket - I never ever bought/reserved anything so much time in advance, not even holidays :) And the last time I have been to a popconcert was in 1988 Michael Jacksons Tour - which was great! So I really gave me a kick, bought that ticket - not in the front, better leave it to the real great fans, but still good places on the rang. And now I am really excited, will his voice still be the same as in 1996 after such a long hopefully successful tour around the world? We he still have the "agility" to perform as good as on the first cconcert? If you have the possibility, watch the DVD,and see even Pavarotti being so happy listening to Michael Bolton.

I wish you all the best


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