Ok michael i am flying in from boston to miami to see your show at the ziff opera house. I will be in the fourth row i think on the right side ,so your left. My friends bet me that you never read these post which of course i stuck up for you and said he always reads these. So i wanted to ask you to give me a shout out to me and then they will believe that you read these. I don't care one way or another because i will always be a fan. So have a great show and i hope the weather  is better in miami then in boston. Can't wait to see the show. I know you will rock it.

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Comment by Laura Roukas on January 21, 2011 at 6:18am
Well i guess my friends were right i did not get a shout out from you at the show! I will never live this one down hahaha. The show was great! Kinda disapponting that we could not go to the front of the stage to see you but that is how that venue was set up! I did try to get your attention but didn't happen oh well! I am back at the east coast now and freezing wish i never left fla. Oh well welcome to New England. Have fun on the tour and get some rest. Oh yeah i am saying this with love, time for a haircut. Show off that beautiful face. I am available if you don't have anyone to do it. Just saying. Take care.

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