Spirited Dona-- A Salute to Arkansas Guy, Glen Campbell Going To alzheimers! To Prayer!

When I saw Glen's last, his name was on top of the Internet Search! I feared he had passed! He is battling! My mother lost a lot of sleep, after arthritis took away her ability to walk, and when she forgot something, or didn 't understand me, I thought I might die on the spot. Mom doesn 't have alzeheimers. Her side has many alzeheimer sufferers. My dad 's-- None! She later explained-she is in shock, she can 't walk! I never drank. i have permanent effects of a haed, make that head injury, (you see! i usually correct.), injury & strokes, but, it isn 't noticeable, except to me! I refuse to capitalize the word, alzeheimers, i think so little of it-- even in a title! The first time i saw Glen was the Smothers Brothers Show! The Smothers Brothers show brought American folk & folksy music! Look it up Smothers on Youtube. Alzeheimer's is death without dying! Help Us, God, REALLY help us find a cure!'s

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