Spirited Dona Blogs- When Whitney Houston Was a Happy, Dancing, Girl!

I used to listen to the Radio, outside, and Whiney wanting to dance-- "always" made you dance! I had forgotten that bright eyed girl, who was insecure, but had HOPES! I am seeing pictures of her as a woman, dressed sophisticately, feminine! Michael Jackson was credited for his dancing, also, but so should Whitney with her subtle, jazzy moves, on each song!


They say she last sung, "Yes, Jesus Loves Me', the second song you learn after "Twinkle, Twinkle Lil Star!" Choked me up, too! Some hide the pain. Whitney could not! I just try to remember that when she reached the ARMS of God, the Pain that cost her a life with Bobbi Christina And Cissy, and robed us of Legend, will NEVER rob her again! A Well loved, American, Whitney Houston!

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