Spirited Dona Poses-- Who Knew Micheal Was Going To Be On DWTS? Not a Majority of Fans!

I heard only because I watch "The Bachlorette" and the BIG announcement was during it! I know a majority of fans, didn 't know and because you got a three score from judge Bruno, people who repeatedly voted, like myself, were unable! to help you! Since the judges' score is 50% & votes 50%, they really decide who stays, without! publicity for the dancer! If it is any consolation, the other person, I blog, Bristol Palin, has been the lowest score on the leder board, three times, but, it is well known, she is there! Sadly, sometimes through Tv mean jokes! The judges look at potential, time put in, and do make some deceisions before we ever see a dance! You had some concerts to do and laryngitis, I am sure they put in the equation, but, to be judged for the dog house, so lowly, was as unfair, when Bristol was judged for gorilla suit. The dancers celebrity dancers- do not make the scnarios!

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