Good Night!!

This is a photo I asked for my companion at work to take me.. suddenly.. this very morning..

I followed an impulse.. I didn´t know I was going to take it.. I only knew I wanted to give you something you were asking for since some days ago, and I wanted to give you (in a very different way.. , I´m sorry..,) . I,m sorry because the quality of my companion´s camera or mobile is not very good.., even when it was near midday. (The mobile I had with photo and video camera doesn,t work...)

I´ve watched this photo today in 2 different pcs and it changes a bit..; in one is darker, in the other brighter.. and I,ve tried to change it with all the technique I have on the computer, but.. ( AIN´T NOTHING LIKE THE REAL THING...)

Maybe right now I don´t have the best machines or programs to support me, but The Best Machines I Have Are My Heart And My Brain...

And I Only Know I Can´t Live Without Giving You Anything You Ask Me To...

P.S : (I Can Feel You Were Awake Still.... , Last Friday.. I Love You, Michael... I,m Very Close To You... No Matter Where You Are,... Do You Remember What I Told You??.. Some Months Ago??... You Always Remember What I Tell You..

With Incomparable Love....



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