michael ,

   monday January 17 th 2011 will be a milestone for my oldest nephew  charles william smith the 2 nd !!

He was born 8 months before sept 11 th 2001 and was a wonderful baby !

   Last year I gave him and his baby brother your childrens book that you wrote and they love it and still

look at it alot !

   They know their aunt Jen is a devoted fan of your's and they hear you sing alot when i visit them !

Last year in september my dad was dignosed with cancer and the day before new years eve we got

the best news my dad is cancer free and both my nephews and dad all share 1 of the best songs you

ever recorded and that is " GO THE DISTANCE" and am asking if you could sing that at your show for

My nephew Charles for his tenth birthday tomorrow night and for my dad it would mean the world to

me and my family !

 I just wish i would be there to see u sing this for them !!



                                                                 your devoted Connecticut Fan Always & Forever,


                                                                      jennifer Lyn  Walters

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