Hi Michael,
I have been a fan of yours since the first time I heard you.
You have a quality and strength and beauty of a voice that far surpasses any of the top singers including opera singers out there.
Your magic is in there within you and you bring us great joy with your voice.
I really pity Toni of the 'Dancing with the Stars' judges.
Imagine if he were to sing how soon he would be booted out of any voice competition.
He can't have class, because if he did, he would find better ways of expressing his comments.
It's not hard to see his ineptness, as he is in constant turmoil with Len Goodman.
My only suggestion is to ask him to step down so more classy, eloquent judges could take that seat that has been wasted on the likes of him
Perhaps deep down he knows he can't sing and has this burning hate for great singers.

Anyway Michael, let us know when you are in the Irvine, California area, we will be the first to buy front row seats.
By the way, my son Daniel is seven years old (I'm a late bloomer) and he loves your music, and a boy at seven that loves your music says it all.
As for my wife who graduated from the Yerevan Conservatory and is a soloist at our church and appeared in operas loves your voice just as much as I do.
With all our great wishes for the holidays,
Zorro Ohanessian

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