As the "Bolton Team" will soon leave to Europe and will hopefully come in good health to Germany, I just wanted to post some tipps concerning the cities you are visiting. Surely, such a tour is hard work and no tourist trip, but some of you probably will never have the opportunity to come back to Germany again. As it is so diffrent to the US, you will hopefully have the one or other hour to take a view to some of the interesting locations in the cities of the country of the "poems and philosopher" you are going to.

And if anybody will ever read this be him from the team or from any part of the world and will need some more information, do ot hesitate to contact me.

1. Düsseldorf

Usually, Düsseldorf is the city you should go during the warm season, as the "Altstadt" is beautiful, you sit outside drinking a beer and just talk to nice people. But it is still worth just go there watching the old houses and walk into one of the nice old "restaurants". Further, Düsseldorf is also known for the old chateaux around, several museums witch are located in old buildings and the modern harbour. As it is not so far from Cologne, it is also worth to visit the dome in Cologne (sorry to all peole from Düsseldorf who will read this, I know, you love the peaple from Cologne and vice versa). As 2 of the best Hotels are situated in the center, just a walk away from the Altstadt, the shopping center (Düsseldorf is known as the city of fashion, if you really want this), it is worth staying there. You can be sure of very good service. My favorite is the Breidenbacher Hof, as it is the most renomated Hotel and has already been there when I was a little girl. It has completely been renowated the last years and had its reopening this year and hopefully still has the Bechstein-grand piano. Just nearby is the Interconti, whitch is almost the same quality.


As you will be there in December, do not miss the Christkindels Market, the most known Chrismas-market in the world. Of cause, it is touristic and crowded, but it is so very "trashy" that is is already nice:) Especially when you come from abroad, you will love it. Do not miss to buy a little souvenir for the chrismas tree and do not drink more than one cup of "Glühwein", otherwise you'll have the headache of your life the other day. As it is a must to go to the Christkindelsmarket, stay in the hotel in the center, it is more convinient and also try to feel the atmosphere when you walk through the ancient city, you may feel as in middle-age.


For the moment, Stuttgart is known in Germany as the city of civil protest, as the a new station will build in the center and therefore the old station will be pulled down as well as many very old trees. So I do not know, what the situation will be in December.


Also called the german Paris or Florence, it is simply beautiful. After it has been completely destroyd in world war II the center has been superbly renowated and rebuild after the reunification of Germany. If you have no time, if you are too tired, take the time and drink some coffee!!! Go and visit the Zwinger, the Semperopera, the Frauenkirche (symbol of peace). When I saw the picture of Michael Bolton in front of the scala in Milano, he would probably as thrilled when he seas the Semperopera and the Frauenkirche. Try to go inside, it is worth it - perhaps I could arrange something to anyone as sometimes one knows someone , who knows someone etc...

Also in Dresden, try to stay in the center.

5. Hamburg

Beautiful city, too, very diffrent from Dresden, very hanseatic and straight. For me the most beautiful place is at the "Alster", the river in the city, just when you are in the Grand Hotel "Atlantic". For me, the typical Hamburg Hotel, old with high rooms, but very luxurious, very diffrent from the US, very hanseatic. Nice bar and sometimes you meet the german well-known singer "Udo Lindenberg", who lives in this hotel. Hamburg is very clear and round the "Atlantic" it is a great view with all the white buildings. Do not miss to see the "Michel". There is a "familiar car service with chauffeur", who is known for its friendlyness and reliability, I can really recommend. They drive well-known industry-bosses, european royals and pop-stars from all over the world and who can give you recommendations where to go and what to see in HH and drive you there.

Perhaps, someone will add some recommendations or need some information.

All the best to everybody who will read this,


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