Hi, Michael.

During the whole concert I was wondering why you were singing at the other side of the stage instead of in the middle of it. In order to have a better view of your face I had to use a binocular which did not work properly and kept giving a double image.

The audience were a bit shy and not “cooperative” at first. JI was amazed they did not take over “to love somebody” when it came to their turn to sing. I have a special love for this song because many years ago I first heard this song in a Chivas Ad and was immediately captivated by it. I did not know the name of the song or who was the singer until I came across it again in a radio program and that was the beginning of my passion for you.

Another one of my favorite song is “when a man loves a woman”. This song is about loving with your heart and soul. The lyric is touching and a bit sad though. I think your melancholy sexy voice is perfect for the conveyance of the feeling behind it.

The climax came when people stood up, dancing and singing with you.And when you were shaking hands with the audience, they rushed up to the front row, including me. I am sorry u did not touch meJ. Under the spotlight, your mesmerizing blue eyes looked at me-ur smile is so damn charming and u look so insanely hot!!and I love your style!!

I had a wonderful experience and thank you for this. I do wish to listen to you singing these beautiful songs again at your next concert in BJ.


the Danish boy’s sax performance is awesome beautiful.

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