As much as I love my family and friends and wish you all the very best Valentine’s Day filled with “Time, Love and Tenderness”, “This Is The Time” for Michael.

He really is my “Soul Provider”. There “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” that would keep me from him. Because “When a Man loves a Woman” (or vice a versa) you really have to ask “How Am I supposed to live without you”? Everyone knows how much I hate the heat but I would sit on “The Dock of the Bay” during a sweltering, humid summer if it meant listening to you sing one more time.

“I Promise You” I would break through “Steel Bars” just to look at you. “I Found Someone” 17 concerts ago that makes me wonder “How Can we Be Lovers?” (okay, that one is even making me a bit nauseous). I am “Missing you Now” but in just a few short hours you will be all mine. Well, mine, and hundreds of other women (and men who had to go because it’s Valentine’s Day – mine opted for hockey instead).

You might have “Georgia on My Mind” but I’m wondering if “That’s What Love is All About”. I mean, really, Georgia? I’d rather be in “Sweet Home Chicago”.

Valentine’s Day; “Said I loved you but I Lied”. It really is “A Love So Beautiful”. That and chocolate and Hallmark.

“The Prayer” today is that I can “Make you Feel My Love”
“Hallelujah” it’s almost time! See you soon!

(For all of you that are feeling a bit sick to your stomach now be thankful I didn’t include the song title “Can I Touch You …. There?”)

I’m sorry, I had to write it.   Hope you chuckled even if just a little bit.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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