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At 1:30am on December 26, 2017, Sally Turner said…

Michael has a milestone birthday coming up in February 2018. I ran an idea past Gail that passed with approval.
I have small cards that are 2.5X3.5. The idea for the card is not to say happy birthday, but you have room to put a few sentences to tell Michael why you love him, his music or how his music helped you in hard times. It’s should be big enough for a wallet size photo if you would like.
Then when he’s home sitting at his desk, he can pull 1 or 2 cards to read when he has the time. Our words will be with him all year.
I request a SASE, and I will send you a card. Write your note and put in your picture. When your finished, mail it back to me.
For those out of the country, I checked with my postmaster and she said you can put your own postage on the return envelope equivalent to $1.15 US.
Email me, Sally, at and I can give you an address to send your SASE (self addressed stamped envelope).
A second option that isn’t as personal, is to email me a short note and I can cut and paste it onto a card for you. I don’t want to handle pictures this way because I’m not that computer literate and don’t want to make errors with something as personal as a picture.
When all the cards are gathered, I’ll put them in some sort of decorate box. And the box of cards will be Michael’s birthday gift from us.
It might seem early, but it’s something that we can work on Now through January. I’d like to be finished by February since I would need to get a box and mail it off to Michael.
Your welcome to share my email with anyone you think may be interested in contributing to Michael’s milestone 65!
Looking forward to hearing from you, Sally

At 3:33pm on August 2, 2016, sylvie boisvert said…

Hi Donna, I thought I'd pop in today to leave you a special present on your special day:

Just in case you haven't seen it yet... :D You may or may not know, but this one will be included on Michael's next album, though no release date yet. I hope you're able to hear it in your concert next week! BTW, seems like you have a spammer on your page, but you can easily delete his post or report it to Gail. In any case, Take good care Donna and have a very happy birthday sweetie. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D 

At 9:24pm on April 17, 2016, jean pierre said…

Good day,
How is everything with you, I picked interest on you after going through your short profile and deemed it necessary to write you immediately. I have something very important to disclose to you, but I found it difficult to express myself here, since it's a public site. Could you please get back to me on my private email( for the full details?
Have a nice day and God bless you,

At 4:48am on August 23, 2014, sylvie boisvert said…

Hey Donna, that's terrific! I'm glad your computer cooperated. :D BTW, I've just sent you and my other Pa friends another date in Lancaster Gail posted today! Also, Petra posted a newly found YouTube video, which is an interview Michael did in December last year and he's talking about a new fresh album that he projected to be released this fall! Of course, we all know about "Bolton standard time", but I'm thinking that since he's starting a tour in early 2015, he'll most likely be singing songs from that "just released" or "to be released" album, so that's great news! That's it for now Donna, take care and have a great weekend. Thanks for keeping me posted... :D Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

At 6:30pm on December 2, 2013, Nancy Osinski said…

This is Nancy Osinski just wanted to know I am attending MB's concert 12-18 at Heinz Hall in Pittsburgh. I will be in Orchestra Center Row E. I sure hope to get back in touch with you. So much to share with you!  Your friend, Nancy Osinski

At 5:44am on September 11, 2013, robin rehder said…

Hi Donna, Yeah, girl, I knew abut MB'S grandson. Aw! thanks girl.

At 3:39am on August 26, 2013, robin rehder said…

Hi Donna, I'm sorry you have a cold girl. Summer colds are not fun. I hear you wanting Michael to come back your way. I'm ready. i remember York PA real well. My friend Beth&her hubby were with me then when we met. Get well soon.

At 1:20am on August 25, 2013, robin rehder said…

Hey Donna, Hurray for me. I'm gettin' it finally how to send messages individually&it comes into your inbox on the computer. Wow! Give me a golden star. ***** Oh, did I write that? heheheheh Hope you're well. I'm not doing bad. Saw MB in Anaheim. He was totally awesome. Went up to the stage alone&he held my hand. :))))) I've had a lot of asthma but i'm still keeping a goin'. Also my left hand's arthritis. What can I say but as a whole, I'm good. I just heard "Next Life Time"&thought of the concert in York PA 9/9/05 when we met. Take care.

At 5:36am on August 24, 2013, robin rehder said…

Hi Donna, I'm still trying to navigate this forum though I've been on it several years. Could you let me know if you received this message? I know I sent a group message. Take care.

At 6:01pm on July 11, 2013, Sally Turner said…

Hi Donna, Glad to see you here. I don't get here much. I post a lot of news on Yahoo Groups. But I do check here often. I had trouble for along time with logging into this site. Will look forward to seeing your posts.



At 1:58am on October 16, 2012, sylvie boisvert said…

Hey Donna, good to hear from you! How are you? Well, I hope. I’m pretty good myself, thanks for asking. Wow, you work fast! Michael will be spoiling you Pensylvanians: he’s just added a 3rd date in PA for next year. I’m really happy for you Donna! :D I’m sure that even the concerts leading up to his birthday will be pretty special so I can understand your excitement. Listen, I know you’re not here often so I have to ask: have you read the news about ABC developing a sitcom starring Michael? It’s still in development so that’s why no big announcement has been made here yet, but the news leaked all over the internet. In case you’d like the details:

Michael seems to be getting comfortable with comedy and we don’t have a problem having him on TV every week, now do we?  :D Well anyway, about your concert, will you be going with a Bolton buddy or someone you’re trying to convert? :D May I ask when was the last time you saw him? Just curious. I wish you at least non-snowy weather for Feb but I know there’ll be a lot of people praying for that. :D Well anyway, hope you’re enjoying the fall so far Donna, take good care of yourself sweetie and again, congratulations and thanks for sharing!  Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

At 3:26pm on September 19, 2012, sylvie boisvert said…

Hi Donna, I don’t know if you get alerts for new events on the forum, but this event was just posted:

Now I don’t know how far York is from you, but I read “PA” so I thought of you. Plus, the amazing thing is that this concert will be on Michael’s 60th birthday so I hope you can go! :D Take care and have a great day sweetie. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

At 3:48pm on September 12, 2012, sylvie boisvert said…

Hi Donna, just wanted to pop by for the latest news. Well just to let you know, I’ve just heard from Amazon and it looks like “The soul of it all” is postponed at least until the end of January. I’m very disappointed, but trying to focus on the  fact that Michael will be on TV on “2 ½ men” in 2 weeks and God willing, we should hear something about the new CD when Michael returns from the Dave Coz cruise...  Take care sweetie and I’m sure we’ll talk soon. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

At 3:39pm on September 11, 2012, sylvie boisvert said…

Hi Donna, good to hear from you! Well, it’s the fun allergy season but otherwise I’m well, thanks for asking. I hope for you that your bloodwork is just routine. Needles don’t scare me, but just wish they could do that right in the doctor’s office to cut the hassle. Good luck with that girl. Well about Michael’s book, I’m glad that at least we have an official date for it, in 2 months and 2 days! :D Pilar posted a picture on the  weekend on this thread:

and there was the mention of a new song called “Somethin’ outta nothin’” written for the new CD! I don’t know if it means it’ll be the single though. Michael has been very secretive about the new album, but I have a feeling we’ll have to brace ourselves for it. I have many ideas about the new album, maybe too many, :D so instead of cluttering the thread, I’ve put my speculations and wish list on a blog, at the bottom of my profile page called “Our Michael’s Motown album”, in case you’d like to take a peek and join in with your own views or wish list. Are you a Motown music fan Donna? I love it so much I can’t see straight! Lol I hope you get to talk to Robin, she hasn’t posted much lately. I’m in the middle of a long response to her. We’ve been corresponding for almost 12 years now and the messages aren’t getting shorter... :D Take good care of yourself Donna, thanks for writing and respond when you can. Have a great day! Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

At 2:54am on August 31, 2012, sylvie boisvert said…

Hi Donna, thanks for accepting my friend request or sending one yourself, not sure how it worked... :D I do hope the Amazon link helps you. Take care sweetie and I'm sure we'll talk soon. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada :D

At 4:36pm on August 30, 2012, sylvie boisvert said…

Hi Donna, I read your comment on the “Press release” blog and wanted to give you a hand so here’s the Amazon link where you can buy either the hard cover, kindle edition or audio book.

I think it’s wonderful that they show that the hard cover and audio book are “frequently bought together”! :D Take care Donna and have a great day! Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

At 6:04pm on February 1, 2012, Gail said…

Thanks Donna!!!  I appreciate that!  Gail

At 4:28am on January 23, 2012, sylvie boisvert said…

Hi Donna, I'm a friend of Robin Rehder's and was browsing through the forum members names and came across yours. I know you've been a long time MB fan, because I remember reading your name on old message boards, so I thought I could send you a friend request, if you don't mind... :D Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

At 6:54pm on February 22, 2011, Robin said…
Hi Donna. Thanks for your lovely post. Glad to help you guys out. Nice seeing you all too.
Robin in MD
At 10:47pm on December 2, 2010, robin rehder said…
Hi Donna,

I'm not sure which tee shirt I had on. You may have to tell me. Sorry about that.

I've enjoyed your messages on the yahoo group.

I'm oh! so! totally stoked you're seeing Michael next year.

How was your thanksgiving? I had a&still have a bronchial cold. The cough lingers on&on.

We were suppose to visit my brother-in-law's parents but because of all of having colds, we stayed home. We're going Christmas.

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