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At 4:59pm on July 20, 2018, sylvie boisvert said…

Bonjour Amie, well I don't know if you've heard or whether you check this site any more, but it will be taken down in the near future and I'm making the rounds to send messages to my dear friends, while I still can. The new site will not have either a forum or member exchanges and I'm still not on FB. I will miss our correspondance ma chère, but do hope we can exchange again somehow. I wish you the best in all your grand adventures and ventures, wherever you are. Prends bien soin de toi mon Amie, gros bisous et câlins, de tout coeur, ton amie Sylvie xoxoxo 

At 1:55am on December 26, 2017, Sally Turner said…

Michael has a milestone birthday coming up in February 2018. I ran an idea past Gail that passed with approval.
I have small cards that are 2.5X3.5. The idea for the card is not to say happy birthday, but you have room to put a few sentences to tell Michael why you love him, his music or how his music helped you in hard times. It’s should be big enough for a wallet size photo if you would like.
Then when he’s home sitting at his desk, he can pull 1 or 2 cards to read when he has the time. Our words will be with him all year.
I request a SASE, and I will send you a card. Write your note and put in your picture. When your finished, mail it back to me.
For those out of the country, I checked with my postmaster and she said you can put your own postage on the return envelope equivalent to $1.15 US.
Email me, Sally, at and I can give you an address to send your SASE (self addressed stamped envelope).
A second option that isn’t as personal, is to email me a short note and I can cut and paste it onto a card for you. I don’t want to handle pictures this way because I’m not that computer literate and don’t want to make errors with something as personal as a picture.
When all the cards are gathered, I’ll put them in some sort of decorate box. And the box of cards will be Michael’s birthday gift from us.
It might seem early, but it’s something that we can work on Now through January. I’d like to be finished by February since I would need to get a box and mail it off to Michael.
Your welcome to share my email with anyone you think may be interested in contributing to Michael’s milestone 65!
Looking forward to hearing from you, Sally

At 9:50pm on October 30, 2017, sylvia doughty said…

Hi Amie and Sylvie has asked me to pass this link onto you.  It is for a competition to win tickets to Michael's show in Singapore as she feels you might be interested.  Sylvie is having problems with her computer and whilst she can read posts in the forum etc she cannot add posts/comments of her own.  Here is link into FB page where competition details are posted .....

Hope all is well with you and if enter comp hope you win !!! :)


At 1:21am on September 14, 2017, sylvie boisvert said…

Bonsoir Amie, I read your comment on Michael's blog earlier today and wanted to share this with you. I'm copy-pasting one of Sylvia's posts and not sure how it'll come out, so wish me merde!

Michael has sent below tweet along with pic which shows him  with his blue guitar as though he is playing it and it is an advert for Subaru as well as for Bolt of Talent and in the left hand corner coming along and by Michael's face and taking up three lines are the words "Michael Bolton in the Asian Dream Tour"   Up in right hand corner is the word "Subaru" in capitals and down in left hand corner underneath Michael's arm is written: "Presented by Forester" and their is a pic of a Subaru car.  Believe Forester is the dealership for Subaru in the Asian countries Michael has visited.

It's coming!! The winner of will join me! #2017

Have a great day Amie. Prends soin de toi. Câlins, sincèrement, ton amie Sylvie :D

At 5:23am on August 31, 2017, sylvie boisvert said…

Bonsoir Amie, well first, I wanted to let you know I got my card in the mail today! I loved the idea of the kitty, thanks for the good wishes! It’s my very first card from Cambodia! XD I do hope for you that all this traveling is pumping up the creative juices, or at least filling up your heart tank. :D That’s really great finding your friend again and do hope you enjoy your time and/or stay in Bangkok. You’ll need to tell me all about it. :D I had a more than amazing day Amie, seriously: beyond expectations. :D Take good care mon amie and hope we talk soon. Câlins, sincèrement, ton amie Sylvie xxx

At 4:04pm on August 29, 2017, sylvie boisvert said…

Bonjour Amie! I’m glad to hear you’ve had a special birthday. :D Ooh, it must have been an interesting evening of conversation! Our Michael had been there for a couple of months, filming his show for Star World Asia. I wondered if you could catch that channel. Well anyway, Thank you for the birthday wishes sweetie, I appreciate it very much. I will let you know when I get your card and glad you told me you mailed it from there, because I thought you’d mailed it from CT and feared it was lost in the mail. Thanks again very much Amie. I’m getting back into replying to PMs, so I hope to write more soon. Take good care. Câlins, sincèrement, ton amie Sylvie :D

At 3:43pm on August 27, 2017, sylvie boisvert said…

Bonjour Amie, since you may not have time to scan the hole site, I just wanted to share what I posted in the birthday thread:
"Hi everyone, I'm not sure she'll have the leasure to look in, but I want to wish my friend Amie Angeli the happiest of birthdays! I know you'll find a way to make it special and want to wish you best success in your future endeavours. Bonne chance ma chère! Take good care. Câlins, sincèrement, ton amie Sylvie xxx"
Prends soin de toi et bonne journée!:D

At 5:23pm on May 8, 2017, sylvie boisvert said…

Bonjour Amie, I've been thinking about you and your corner of the world a lot lately, due to our man's latest endeavours. Our wee Scottish friend has been generous with pictures and descriptions and I thought you would definitely enjoy this one:

I just hope this is the right link... XD Prends bien soin de toi ma chère et à bientôt j'espère. Câlins, sincèrement, ton amie Sylvie :D

At 2:15am on April 1, 2017, sylvie boisvert said…

Bonsoir Amie, or bonjour for you,   I had sent you that song because of the title, of course. :D Claude Michel wrote really tortured artist songs, but he had a great voice in the late 70s. Now, as I'm still workig on a 2 part reply to you, I'll send you a gorgeous and inspiring piece I heard on the radio today. It's by an Italian born composer with Sweedish parents that emigrated to Canada many years ago. Forgive me if I'd sent it to you before, but if I did, it bares repeating. This one is called "Affairs of the heart":

Ah, I love this piece so much, I can't see straight! XD I have this CD that also contains "Postcards from the sky" and "Passion of angels" and they're all more gorgeous than the previous one, I hope you enjoy. Talk to you soon, prends soin de toi. Câlins, sincèrement, ton amie Sylvie :D


At 3:20pm on March 21, 2017, sylvie boisvert said…

Bonjour Amie, I’m working slowly on a novel for you and thought I’d leave a special “hello” especially for you, by this Belgian singer named Claude Michel

Hope you enjoy. Bonne journée ma chère, take care. Câlins, sincèrement, ton amie Sylvie :D

At 12:44am on January 25, 2017, sylvie boisvert said…

Bonsoir Amie, well I'm wondering how that little lizzard got there, but if he's a sign of good luck, more power to you! :D I'd suggest not to leave any food around though, unless you want him to stick around... I guess all I can say is "merde" ma chère... :D Prends soin de toi Amie et à bientôt! Câlins, sincèrement, ton amie Sylvie :D

At 4:14pm on January 8, 2017, sylvie boisvert said…

Bonjour Amie, I’m doing okay, thanks for asking, hope you are too. Just a quick message today. I was surprised too that we had no sign of Michael. Sylvia said the look of both FB and Twitter were changed to coincide with the release of the new CD next month and she wondered when it would be done here. While checking the main page, I read the title “Songs of cinema”, but it seemed a bit underwhelming, so I have no clue. I think his mini florida tour started yesterday, but no reviews or anything and then I heard about the shooting in Florida... (sigh) Frankly, all I can say about 2017 is that I’m glad 2016 is done... XD Talk to you soon mon amie, working on a few novels and hoping for you that you’re doing the same. ;D Prends soin de toi and keep me posted. Câlins, sincèrement, ton amie Sylvie xxx

At 1:58am on December 26, 2016, sylvie boisvert said…

Un joyeux Noël à toi aussi Amie! We've just had a really nice and sweet Christmas, winding down after eating enough sweets to last us until Valentine's day. :D I do hope you've had the kind of exotic day you were hoping for, worry-free for a few hours and maybe even missing the cold a little... ;D It's around the freezing mark over here and getting a bit warmer in the next few days, but we've had a somewhat white Christmas, so can't complain. :D Talk to you soon ma chère, prends soin de toi. Câlins, sincèrement, ton amie Sylvie xxx

At 3:41pm on November 13, 2016, sylvie boisvert said…

Bonjour du Canada Amie! I got your message and thanks for thinking of me while so far away! :D I will write soon, I've been working extra hard to go through my PM pile. We had a busy summer and even busier fall. I will write in length as soon as I can. In the meantime, I can tell you I'm doing better now, after suffering a great loss in my life, which I'll go into in a PM. I will wish you great fortune and a big "merde" in your endeavours. Take good care of yourself sweetie. Gros bisous et câlins, sincèrement, ton amie Sylvie xxx 

At 3:23pm on August 27, 2016, sylvie boisvert said…

Bonjour Amie, un très joyeux anniversaire à toi,pour une journée  pleine d'heureuses surprises! De tout coeur, câlins, sincèrement, ton amie Sylvie :D

At 1:54am on August 28, 2015, sylvie boisvert said…

Bonsoir Amie, how are you girl? Well, I hope. Listen, I hope to be able to catch up soon, but I wanted to take a minute to wish you a joyeux anniversaire! I hope you've had a wonderful day and taken full advantage of just being alive and enjoying life for the sake of it. I wish you good health and great success in your endeavours in the next year and a good hold on a positive outlook. Prends soin de toi ma chère et à bientôt j'espère! Bisous et câlins, sincèrement, ton amie Sylvie :D

At 3:27pm on June 3, 2015, sylvie boisvert said…

Bonjour Amie, a quick message because I read the following in the Delilah newsletter and thought you might find it interesting:

"Read The #1 New York Times Bestseller Orphan Train Orphantrain_border

Orphans around the world and children in foster care are very close to my heart. It tears me apart thinking about children who grow up without the love of a forever family. I can't believe it's a reality in America that children can age out of the foster care system with no home to return to -- it's heart wrenching.

But every so often, from the ashes of a lonely childhood, a story will emerge that restores your faith in how God intertwines people's lives so we meet just the right people at just the right time. And with that, I introduce you to Orphan Train, my featured book for June...

Molly Ayer is close to "aging out" out of the foster care system. A community service position helping an elderly woman clean out her home is the only thing keeping Molly out of juvie and worse...

As she helps Vivian sort through her possessions and memories, Molly learns that she and Vivian aren't as different as they seem to be. A young Irish immigrant orphaned in New York City, Vivian was put on a train to the Midwest with hundreds of other children whose destinies would be determined by luck and chance.

Molly discovers that she has the power to help Vivian find answers to mysteries that have haunted her for her entire life-answers that will ultimately free them both..."

Sounds like the kind of novel Kelsey would write.:D Take good care Amie and hope to write again soon. Gros câlins, sincèrement, ton amie Sylvie :D

At 1:05am on February 20, 2015, sylvie boisvert said…

Bonsoir Amie, I just wanted to wish you a happy New Year of the goat:

Take good care mon amie et à bientôt! Câlins, sincèrement, ton amie Sylvie :D

At 4:54pm on September 13, 2014, sylvie boisvert said…

Bonjour Amie, about “Under the Tuscan sun”, I borrowed the movie first, for the rom- com aspect of it, but when I learned it was based on a book, I wanted to read it. There were 2 versions: abridged read by the author and regular version, so I borrowed both. I quickly realized, thanks to the commentary,  that the movie is very loosely based on the book. The book mostly centers on the documentation of the renovation of an abandoned  villa called Brama-Sole (yearning for the sun) and is described as biographical. The movie develops characters only mentioned in the book and ads the romance aspect to make it a chick-flick. Amie, I’ll tell ya: it’s a descriptive fest for the senses! Frances Mayes was/is also a travel writer, so the discovery of her area, marinated in the Italian culture is just delightful. Venice sounds like a cool place to visit and Wales too. My favourite baritone is from Wales, if I haven’t mentioned him before, his name is Bryn Terfel.

Bryn Terfel « My little Welsh home » :

Now I may or may not have sent this one in a PM, but it bares repeating: Bryn Terfel with my favourite song of his and to me, the definitive version of this song, “Send in the clowns”:

So what do you want to see in France Amie? If I were ever to go, I think the first place I’d go would be the Garnier and then Notre-Dame, just to inhale the culture... I know there's more to France than just Paris, depending on how much time you can spend. Maybe I'd visit Belgiam and the Marquises islands... I know you really enjoy that housesitting gig Amie, but hope you can pull out those sweaters if you want to sit out this week: fall is already knocking at the door! We’re all fine here Amie, thanks for asking. The forum is unusually quiet, so I’ve been doing extremely well catching up with PM’s, so should catch up in length pretty soon, before my visitors get here. I will leave you with the rich goodness of Bryn Terfel’s voice, enjoy! Prends soin de toi ma chère et à bientôt. Câlins, sincèrement, ton amie Sylvie :D

At 3:24am on September 9, 2014, sylvie boisvert said…

Bonsoir Amie, just to let you know, I've just recieved your very sweet and thoughtful card, so I can stretch my birthday week! lol Tu es vraiment gentille Amie, j'apprécie! Hope all is well with you. I've just finished reading "Under the Tuscan sun", the unabridged version and just want to go have dinner at Frances Mayes' house! Her book is a blind girl's descriptive dreams come true... Have you ever visited Italy Amie? If you'd like to, virtually, I would recommend this book, which is much different from the movie. En tous cas, merci encore ma chère, gros câlins, de tout coeur, ton amie Sylvie :D 

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