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At 3:47pm on May 14, 2016, sylvie boisvert said…

Hey Kathy, I hope the dust is settling on your end and that you're feeling better sweetie. I just wanted to say, in reply to your comment on the tour thread about problems with the site, that I'd say for the past 3-4 weeks or so, the site has been tempermental. I tried several times to post an article then just gave up. gail had trouble posting a blog once and a couple of days ago, I got a message for most of the day saying my internet connection was  broken, when all other sites were fine. During my initial set of problems with the article, I also got the message the site was under maintenance. Since I'm here pretty much every day, I notice these things and it's hard not to blame my screen-reader program or out-dated browser. :D Take good care sweetie. Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie the solver. :D

At 6:03am on September 16, 2014, meggy said…

Hey Kathy,

thought I'd tell you that our Secret is out, I had to tell my Meg. you busted her and told me about FB...she laughed and said, I was having a bad time at work Mom.....nobody to tell it to, so she posted it....LMBO! She's a trip:)!

Mary (meg's mom)!

At 10:46pm on April 21, 2014, Astrid Kretschmann said…

Hi Kathy, just read your fantastic reviews, thank you once more for such an enjoyable read. Also, I'd like to give you a "thumps up" for enjoying a MB concert on your own - , missing Pam, and meeting Robin, LOL. So sweet of you to give her MB's pick. - - - I hope Bob still enjoys his "new" car, which means the color didn't change due to the sand storm? Will be back sssssoon with a review of my own, big hug, Astrid

At 5:30am on November 4, 2013, meggy said…

Hey Kathy,

   How are you? While you were gone, I was introduced to "Blackjack"....LMBO!

Mary (meg's mom)!

At 1:23am on July 16, 2013, Kathy Tulsa said…
Hi Kathy,
New phone and service, new email address, what a nightmare in some ways. Please note a new friend request. I am not all the way back on the site, waiting to hear from Gail.


Kathy ♡
At 5:11am on March 14, 2013, sylvie boisvert said…

Hey Kathy, just read your post on the "Someone is recording..." thread. You might want to take a look at this thread:


Read it and let me know if you have questions. :D Take care sweetie. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada

At 4:48pm on February 14, 2013, Amie Angeli said…

Hi Kathy!  Got your squares!  They're so cool!  Cheers, Amie

At 8:42am on February 14, 2013, Joy Arban said…
Sylvia Wee One found this on YouTube! Found where you are at  0:33:04 during Tracks of My Tears.
At 6:41am on February 9, 2013, Joy Arban said…
Hi Kathy,
Did you go to Vegas to see Michael at the Venetian Theater? We all were watching it on TV or online live and then talking about it in the forum after.  I swore I saw you in the audience and so did Robin MD!  Was it you?  I don't remember you saying you were going.  Red top doing a major "chair dance" to Tracks of My Tears!!"
At 12:43am on February 8, 2013, sylvie boisvert said…

Hi Kathy, in response to your message on the "Someone is recording a new album" thread, I'm sorry about how hectic your month of January has been and I know it's been rough on your family and you're right: I can't imagine how much. I just wanted to offer a little sympathy... :D Just in case you've deleted the mp3, I've uploaded it on my profile page, under a comment I put on my own wall, just in case you feel like listening to that little bit of HITTG. XD Take care Kathy. Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada

At 1:38pm on January 15, 2013, sylvie boisvert said…

Hi Kathy, concerning the alerts for new threads, I've just sent you an E-mail and hope it helps. Take care sweetie and have a great day! :D Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

At 4:19am on November 9, 2012, meggy said…

Hey Kathy,

 We have to make Ashley a Square..with Lots of Kisses on it...!!! I have a Square, what do you have?

It's late, but just sayin'....:)! Maybe we could get the stuff together and she & her Dad would want to put it together!

Or we can get it together for her, but she has to have a Square...don't you agree?

Mary (Meg's mom)!

At 3:17pm on October 12, 2012, sylvie boisvert said…

Hey Kathy, I know you’re catching up and doing the rounds on the familiar threads, but after I’ve read your comment on the latest blog about Michael’s hair, I think you should take a look at this new one:


Enjoy! :D Take care sweetie. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

At 4:17am on September 28, 2012, meggy said…

Hey Kathy, Where are you girl...I know you watched the show, and I can't wait to hear what you thought about it...It was Great, I thought:)!

Mary (M&M's)!

At 6:37am on September 6, 2012, meggy said…

Hey Kathy,

   How in the heck are ya? Been on vacation have you? I hope you had a great one....I just wanted to say if you were closer to where we live...we'd be going to three concerts...LOL...and you would be the designated driver:)!

We'd have a Blast for sure! He's gonna be here in Ky. twice & Ind. once! Just a bit too far for me to drive! That's a shame!

Mary (Meg's mom)!

At 12:43pm on August 2, 2012, Nicolette said…

Hi Kathy,

I hope you have a wonderful concert Friday night!! If you have time ;-) I look forward to the review!

Have a great evening! Hug, Nicolette xx

At 4:56pm on July 27, 2012, sylvie boisvert said…

Hi Kathy, here’s a link to a very interesting article Sylvia sent me yesterday but be warned: it’s a very long one! :D


Enjoy! Take care sweetie and have a great day. Hugs, sincerely, your friend Sylvie :D

At 5:46am on July 17, 2012, sylvie boisvert said…

Hey Kathy, just wanted to pop by and tell you that I've sent the other Kathy your 2011 Valentine's day review and roared laughing reading it again! lol Just wanted to say thanks again for the smile, take care sweetie. :D Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie the solver ;D

At 4:20pm on July 13, 2012, Nic said…

Hi Kathy,

Thanks for your comments & I'm glad you liked the pictures :)



At 8:25am on July 10, 2012, meggy said…

Hey Kathy,

    I tell ya, I never knew these darn things would wake you up in the wee hrs. of the morning! They just overcome your body....I hope they don't get too much worse...OMG! Getting older is not Fun:)! The temperature was a little more bearable today, so that was a Good Thing:)! Thanks for that info.

Mary (Meg's mom)!

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