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At 1:03am on October 1, 2015, sylvie boisvert said…

Hi again Thresa, heehee, don’t worry about it: many people do misspell my name, but I do appreciate you noticing. I don’t blame you being overcautious: better safe than sorry. I’m with you on sharing about Michael: people here understand how we feel about him because they feel the same: God bless us nutty ladies... :D Yes Thresa, you did well and it’s my pleasure sweetie, I’m glad to help, because I’m usually the one who needs help.   A spammer is basically someone who sends junk mail, unwanted solicitation/advertizing and might use your E-mail for questionable purposes. We get enough junk mail and don’t need computer virusses, thank you. On to better things, have you pre-orderedMichael’s next CD from Pledgemusic? The store on the site has so many tempting MB goodies: wish I could afford more, like a birthday phone call or studio time... :D BTW, you can write about 18 lines of text or 2000 characters in a wall comment, so you don’t have to write as many. Well anyway, it was great to hear from you again Thresa and glad you’re feeling better.   Take care. Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

At 12:34am on September 29, 2015, sylvie boisvert said…

Hi Thresa, well first, you’ve got a spammer on your page and you can easily delete “her” comment. I’ve just reported it to Gail. On to better things: yes, this is my second grandchild, a boy named Noah. My daughter says he looks a lot like his sister, but at times, he has little old man airs... lol I can’t see him so I wouldn’t know. Obviously, daddy is excited and he miraculously kept it from my daughter, because he found out the gender at the ultrasound. Aww, how old are your grandkids Thresa? It’s funny how the first grandchild coming is simply magical, but holding any new grandchild in your arms does something to you, doesn’t it? Well anyway, don’t worry about the spammer. Remember you had the same thing on your other profile? BTW, were you having problems with your old profile, or couldn’t remember your password? Just wondering. All right sweetie, gotta go, but it was great hearing from you and thanks for writing. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

At 2:32am on September 27, 2015, sylvie boisvert said…

Hi Thresa, sorry for the delay responding: my daughter had her baby yesterday and I was helping out. Everything went well.  To answer your question, my profile picture was taken in 2004, during the MBC gala weekend. Oh, sorry you couldn’t get tickets to a nearby show, that really stinks... I guess you’ll have to change your R.S.V.P. on the site. I’m sorry Thresa, are you asking if Orrin and I are a couple? lol No, but thanks for asking... XD It is a pretty cozy picture, God bless him. I’ve been E-mailing with him for a few years and sometimes he responds, so he knows who I am and I’ve met him twice. All right sweetie, I gotta go, but I’ll wish you better luck next time for the concert, I know you must be disappointed. Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D  

At 2:11pm on September 21, 2015, sylvie boisvert said…

Hi Thresa, so you’re Cook-ing now? XDOh my goodness, if your congrats are for my granddaughter, thanks a lot sweetie. Believe it or not, I have another one coming any day now... :D Were you having problems with your previous page? Girl it’s been too long! I know you don’t visit the site often and that’s a shame,but do hope you keep up with the Michael news. If you find yourself at a loss with  news you’ve missed and scanning the site, I started a blog some months ago, to gather  all items of interest on the site in a small package:

That’s how some of my busy friends keep up. Well anyway, I hope you’re doing well and life is good to you. It would be great to catch up, but it’s nice to have a sign of life! I just read that you'll be going to Oaklawn and I'm so happy for you sweetie: I hope you come  back in here and let us know how it went. :D  Take care Thresa,  it’s wonderful to hear from you. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

At 10:24pm on August 29, 2015, sylvia doughty said…

Hi Thresa and WELCOME to the website and I do hope you will join us in the forum section we have here which can be found by going to the "Connect" heading on your page and then clicking on "forums" when that appears above and that is where we all come together and discuss everything to do with Michael and below I have given you links into threads, on the forum, where things are pretty active.
Michael has joined Pledge Music to introduce his new studio album to his fans and to allow them the opportunity to tell him what they would love to hear on it. To be able to join in the fun you are required to pre-order the CD and here is link which takes you into Michael's page and access to a video in which he tells you about his project and explains what to do. There are plenty of other goodies on offer so don't miss out on a unique and lovely way to communicate with Michael as well as buying merchandise you may like.
If you have any questions about the website please do not hesitate to ask for we are a friendly bunch here !!! :) I should like to make it clear that I am in no way connected to admin, it is only the moderator of the site, Gail, that holds any admin position.
Please enjoy your look around website and most of all, please consider staying with us and giving Michael all the support he so richly deserves !! :)
Sylvia. Your wee Scottish friend.

Below link is into "Jack Sparrow" from The Lonely Island which features Michael and which we want to get to 145 million views for him so please listen to. If, for whatever reason, you do not approve of this song, I apologize in advance for placing on your page.

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