I saw Michael perform live for the very first time. It was my first road trip to CT. We saw him at Woolsey Hall, at Yale University performing with Orchestra New England. He came down the center aisle singing When A Man Loves A Woman. We had balcony seats and we could look over the balcony to see him enter the venue!!! Wow. That was the beginning of an amazing 16 year journey!!!


MB asked me how long it's been last month, he was curious I guess!!LOL


I am curious, when did you guys see MB perform live for the first time?


Thanks for letting me share.

Robin :)


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Ok. Folks. Kind hearted Solver Sylvie sent me this link to speak about our first time in seeing Michael in concert. At the time, I was undergoing hand surgery 4/28/10 so, here's my first experience & oh! what an experience! It did turn out good though.  hours agoDelete

Hi Everyone, Sorry if I'm in the wrong spot here but when I wanted to go below Robin's message, it wouldn't let me write so, anyway, I had the concert--my first one 8/12/92. Transportation was the pits from pardon me (hell) & back. Michael's concert was awesome. I don't have a setlist but I was wowed by him, that's for sure. My friend Jane was even more excited than I was but after the concert, I was hooked. My seats weren't the best but what the heck, I was there. My sister & my friend & my friend's X were together. My sister & I agreed that we loved the way he said the word "you." Whatever, right. When Michael mentioned his new CD Timeless the Classics, we were hoping he'd do To Love Somebody but he did Since I Fell for you. Our driver came during WAMLAW. The nerve, right but we had to leave during that & he got a ticket for being parked where he was or something. We didn't have to pay. It was awful. The first driver told us at first he couldn't take us as planned as he had to go to NC but then, we got a 2nd driver so, when the first driver came back from NC to take us to the show, what a predicament. What do you do? We opted to go with the first driver but the second one got mad. At least he had a 12-hour warning so, what do you do. You go to the show, have fun, & get totally boltonized & forever on that cloud 9 for 19 & a half years. Though I don't have a setlist, he was totally awesome. Boltonnut from L. A. CA 

Awesome Beverly, though this was mentioned almost 2 years ago. I'm glad you finally got to see MB. Better late than never. Where are you from? Boltonnut from L. A. CA USA

The first time I went to a Michael's concert, was september 14, 1993 it was a reschedule concert it meant to be in june or july (can't remember) and was cancel because Michael got throat sick; but it was great althougth I was far away from the stage. There have been 2 more concerts since, and they have been more special, extraordinary, wonderful and unforgetable for me!!!!!!!

Hi Edith, Thanks for your reply. It doesn't matter how many times, it's the fact you got to see him that's so special.
He's truly unforgetable, so true!!!!!!
Thanks for your kind reply.


Awesome Edith. Though the concert was postponed from July to September, how awesome. I'm glad for you. Hope you've seen him since. I sure have. Boltonnut from L. A. CA

I have been an MB fan for a long time. The first time I heard him, I was living in North Carolina and heard his music from the Hunger album! We happen to go to a party at the base club and the radio station had a drawing for seats at a concert of Michael's in Charleston, South Carolina, several hours away. My husband and I registered all night long and we won!! (I think we kind of stuffed the box!) That was the first concert I attended and it was with a bus load of fans from the radio station back in 1989!!! Our seats were way at the top of the venue and could hardly even see him. After that, I traveled all over the country to see him!! I've seen concerts, ball games,& even one basketball game and a few ct fundraisers. Gee it has been 21 years and a really great journey!!! My grown kids to this day still laugh at me when I find out he will be somewhere I can go see him!! I am still addicted to his concerts and music. I guess I always will be and proud of it!!
Hey Keri, Wow, you go further back in his career!!!. COOL. I've been to alot of softball games, charity events and appearances at record signings and stuff over the years too besides the concerts. It's a great adventure..I love going to NC too. MB took me there to Raleigh in 1994 and Charlotte and I met some great people that first trip south that year...I still think we were probably at some of the same events over the years...

Thanks for sharing your story. I enjoy reading about other fans' adventures too!

It wasn't until 1997 when I met BB'S at a softball game in Salisbury, MD & Gail was the first ones I've met with Lynn & Jo. I've been to several softball games, CD signings&MBC'S. Boltonnut from L. A. CA

Kerie, now, that goes way back to 1989. I never heard of Michael until 1987 but I never got to a show until 8/12/92. Transportation was my big issue. Wow! How cool winning tickets from radio station. They can give away lousey tickets, can't they but they've gien good tickets as well as once I won tickets that I gave to my 2 friends 9,28/02 & they were in the 38th row in the Pavillion at least. Boltonnut from L. A. CA I'm sure I'm right on that date but could be wrong.

Bonjour Frégate2015 et bienvenue au forum! Je vais traduire ton message pour les anglophones ici. Frégate2015 message translation: "I am a fan of Michael Bolton’s since 1993. My first MB concert was in October 2005, in Frankfort Germany. I was going to meet him there but it wasn’t my day to pass through security and there was no MB there… I was about 5 minutes too late… Michael was with the car at the hotel. I have approximately 40 CD’s but now I want to give away my collections. It’s too much. I love to hear him only live on stage, it’s wonderful for me." Je suis vraiment désolée que tu n'aies pas pu rencontrer Michael... Peut-être une meilleure chance la prochaine fois? Bonne chance si tu le vois cette année! Fais attention à toi, sincèrement, Sylvie du Canada Translation: "Hi Frégate2015 and welcome to the forum! I will translate your message for the anglophones here. I'm really sorry you couldn't meet Michael... Maybe you'll have better luck next time? Good luck if you see him this year! Take care. Sincerely, Sylvie from Canada"
Wow Juliet, cool story. Thanks so much for sharing! I would have loved to seen him perform live back in the Black Jack era!!!!LOL

Hmmm......Sept. 1991 for me at the then-named Riverport Amphitheater. Seats so far back that Michael looked like an ant....and, it was raining! We missed the 'covered' section by two rows! But we loved every minute of it!



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