I saw Michael perform live for the very first time. It was my first road trip to CT. We saw him at Woolsey Hall, at Yale University performing with Orchestra New England. He came down the center aisle singing When A Man Loves A Woman. We had balcony seats and we could look over the balcony to see him enter the venue!!! Wow. That was the beginning of an amazing 16 year journey!!!


MB asked me how long it's been last month, he was curious I guess!!LOL


I am curious, when did you guys see MB perform live for the first time?


Thanks for letting me share.

Robin :)


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My favorite song at my 1st concert  in 1990 was" Soul Provider", I was 32 at the time and it gave me hope that maybe someday I would find someone good in my life.,,,,never did LOL  but another one of his meaningful songs.

Hey Usha, you're still young sweetie and maybe one day, while you're not looking, you'll open your heart and there he'll be. Stranger things have happened... :D Take care sweetie and thanks for sharing. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

Sylvie...you're a doll...  Have a wonderful weekend. ( Little scoop, on 2 occasions we attended  autograph sessions me and my daughters, I have a photo somewhere with Michael's arm around Taryn, she was just a year or so) .
Happy Easter / Happy Passover.  All the best.
I fell in love with him when I heard the song 'How am I supposed to live without you' in 1991. I saw him real live when he came to Korea in 1995 because of promoting his album 'Greatest Hits'. At that time he stayed for 4 days, he made several TV & radio appearances and held a signing for fans without a concert. That signing with all those hundred of people, I got his autograph and took several pictures.
A historic, first concert in Korea kicked off on March 31 in 2006. Clearly, I remembered that night. Night breeze, sound of spring rain, aroma of coffee and so on. Since then, I went to Daegu, Busan, London and Brighton to see his concerts. And last year, I met him in person!
When I was in teens, I never could see his live performance. Yet he is still going strong, I could see his shows 15 times. I wait for his next amazing performance!


Han from Seoul, Korea

Hi Han, Michael was really all over the world for his  ’95 promotional tour. He did the same here, but I couldn’t attend. Korean fans have been very patient and I’m glad you were rewarded. I wish you more concerts you don’t have to travel for. Thanks for sharing Han, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

Hi Han, Usha, & Sylvie, I understand how your love for Soul Provider was for you in Michael's concert in 1990. The song that I first heard was That's What Love is all About. I know Sylvie & I had opportunities to meeting Michael & I think Usha&Han, you both met him as well? If I'm right, I'm glad for you. My 1st concert was 8/12/92. Cool Usha, you have a daughter named Taryn. I've only seen Michael here in the U. S. A. I've never traveled abroad before.

Hi Robin, I love all his songs and I'm sure you guys do too, as I have already mentioned I was front row at Seneca in March and held  his hand...kind of a too tight....lol , Anyway that was a real moment for me.

For me back in the day it was all  about Michael Bolton his gorgeous long  hair and those powerful songs, after reading his book where he pretty much bared his soul, I now think of Michael Bolton as " a gracious person, father/ g'pa and still a great singer."

There will always be a beautiful song for each of us.  Have to say I enjoy all the comments and sharing. Regards, Usha


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