I saw Michael perform live for the very first time. It was my first road trip to CT. We saw him at Woolsey Hall, at Yale University performing with Orchestra New England. He came down the center aisle singing When A Man Loves A Woman. We had balcony seats and we could look over the balcony to see him enter the venue!!! Wow. That was the beginning of an amazing 16 year journey!!!


MB asked me how long it's been last month, he was curious I guess!!LOL


I am curious, when did you guys see MB perform live for the first time?


Thanks for letting me share.

Robin :)


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How amazing is that!! It must feel so good that MB knows you and asked you how long you have been a fan!! I just got to see him for the first time in March, but have been a fan for 21 years now!! Like I said to you before, you are very lucky to be able to see him more than once!!
Great story thanks for sharing it with us : )
Beverly I hope your journey continues with concerts and seeing MB many more times in the future! It only takes that one live performance-then you are hooked!!!

I was a fan about 3 years prior to that. I started hearing his music on the radio commuting to my job then in a neighboring county. Also the office building piped in the local pop radio station and I heard him more. I then saw him on TV and got all the CD's I could find for this Michael Bolton person...finally after that my neighbor who I rode horseback with and I found out we both were fans and then also the wife of my husband's boss at that time also was a fan and we all went to see that first concert together!!!

Thanks for posting back!!
Sixteen Years!!! My how time flies. Okay, I dug out my first ticket because I couldn't remember exactly when it was. HERSHEYPARK STADIUM, Sept. 3, 1993. So it will be 17 years for me in another 5 months! The weather was bad that night but we headed for Hershey anyway because it's not far from here. The ticket says, Rain or Shine. Well, let me tell you, we never got to the stadium. It was thundering and lightening and we heard on the radio on the way up that the concert was cancelled until the next afternoon. So on Sat. afternoon, we headed for Hershey and I saw my first concert in the nosebleed section in the daylight. I do not like daytime concerts...something is lost without the lighting and all. Additionally, that afternoon Michael "promised" the audience that he would be back the next year to perform at night time. And he indeed did come back in 1994, played a Bombers game and had the concert that night. Sorry to go on here...I got carried away with myself. I've had a blast all these years seeing Michael.
Hey my friend! Wow soon 17 years, you go girl!!!!!! Thanks for posting and sharing. Doesn't it seem like a long time ago in some ways and in others-just yesterday!!! And so much fun in between!!LOL We've had some adventures since!!!

Thanks again for sharing!! Cool story!!!!!!!!!!! Mother Nature just didn't want to cooperate that year!!!

Come to think of it....all these years of concerts to see Michael and others and I've never had a concert concelled because of storms....sat out in a storm at a concert, but it wasn't cancelled....remember?

YES I do remember!!Two drowned rats we were!!LOL

I had one cancelled in 1994 or 1995 up at Scranton, bad thunderstorms and it was rescheduled. I did get to it eventually on the reschedule date.


I never did get to see Michael in Scranton nor have I been to a cancelled concert but wow! The experiences we all go through to see the babe & I'm lovin' it that's for sure. I saw Michael 5/23/94 in Columbia SC this time. Once again, I went to visit my friend Leeta & her friend Ruby&saw other friends as well. I went to a softball game&concert & didn't know a soul. I flew to see Leeta & while doing so, I had to transfer in Lexington, KY & met one of my tape pals Ann from Ohio. How awesome was that but the, I went to leeta's. Monday, I took a cab to & from the soft ball game & had a blast. People were cool describing things to me but in listening to what the comentator (if there's such a word) describe the scores & such, the folks couldn't believe how I kept track of the score. At the end, I was waiting for my cab, & the director of the stadium gave me a soft ball; an autographed one. How awesome is that. Took the cab to get my friends Leeta&Ruby& came home. Hilda took me to the show but she said, " You're obssessed." I said, "Hilda, there's cabs out there. You don't have to take me." She took me & I took a cab back. Well, once again, that babe was awesome. The best part was when he did the little bit of nesum Doram (Pardon spelling). I screamed my lungs out. Completely made me cry. Wow! I'm hooked. What an addiction to be boltonizing. :) Boltonut from L. A. Ca That was the last time I was able to see Leeta.

Ah, nice story, Robin R. Dear Sylvie sent me a link to this this morning.
What a nice director to give you the autographed softball. How can you be a fan of MB's and not be a bit obsessed if not overly so. When I saw he was going to perform in Tulsa almost 2 years ago I had not known that kind of excitement in a long time. I never bought a ticket so fast in my life.

Enjoyed reading this review, Robin, I have many to read yet I know and they are all good, enjoying all of them.

Kathy in Tulsa :-))

LOL Kathy I see this older thread has been given new life..I am glad we have it for newer fans to add to it still and share their memories...We had a lot of fun with it two years ago.. :)

Robin in MD :)

Hey Kathy in Tulsa, this is the first time I read your comment: I'm so glad you were able to find it! Now Robin in MD, I had told you I loved this thread and recommended it to fans, I wasn't kidding! Take care girls. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

OMG Kathy. About that concert 9/3/93. I almost went & it is a good thinkg I didn't as I went to Columbia SC to see MB 9/5/93--my 2nd concert. Isn't it strange how things work out? I tell ya. That man above was watching, I'd say. :) Well, Right off hand, I forget where Michael was 9/5/93 but he was in SC&I went with my friend Ruby's daughter Mary. I was visiting one of my pen/tape pals, Leeta in Columbia & celebrated a mile stone of a birthday of Leeta's but Mary & I went & was it raining big time or what 9/5/93. It was but they said the concert was on rain or shine. Mary drove up. I was her navagator (not) and Michael's show, once again, was awesome and he do to love somebody. Woo Hoo but I didn't have to leave at the end of a show. Sure, our seats weren't all that but he was, once again, totally awesome.You BB'S are bringing back memories plentiful. :) Boltonnut from L. A. CA

Actually-My error, was cassette tapes I bought up first, then later came the CD player.. Getting old and forgetful..:)


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