I would just like to thank Juliet and Jennifer for organising the first official fan reception. You girls did so well in pulling everything together. It was great to meet all you other girls and actually puting faces to names.There should be many unusual pictures as Oz definitly caught some of us unawares (go girl) Hope to see you all again at next years reception, but then again earlier if and when we get dates for the UK tour. 

Pauline Bragan

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Wasnt it fun Pauline and it was so great to finally get to meet you all in person!!


I have posted an official thank you message in the off topic thread, but many thanks for coming along and supporting the charities.



Next years event has already been booked with the hotel, so we are all raring to go!!





Put Sophie and I down for next years, we can't wait to do it again, had sooo much fun.

Lovely to meet you Pauline.


Love Debra xx

\it was a great day Jennifer and I will def be at next years with a new recruit,



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