2010 Concert Tour Reviews-Please share your reviews with us here!

Hi everyone, I thought it might be nice to have a thread for everyone to post their concert reviews in again like we've done in the past. It's such fun hearing about all the shows and everyone's experiences and see their photos. 


Anyone attending, please post your review.  Its exciting that Michael and his band are hitting the road again and traveling the world!


I hope you all don't mind I started this thread for concert reviews.  I'm looking forward to reading about everyone's experiences!



Robin :)


P.S.  Update-Nov, 2010-I wish them well and cannot wait to see the show again in 2011!!! MB totally rocked it at NJ PAC 11/3/2010!!! Thanks Michael!!!!!


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I hear you Sophie. I'm ready for MB to come to Vegas&L. A. again. At least San Diego, I can get to by train or bus.


Boltonnut from L. A. CA

Sophie, did you see MB in L. A. 2/14/11? I understand if not since you're in San Diego. I missed several concerts last week due to lack of transportation but that's the way these things go. Darn. Boltonnut from L. A. CA
Thanks, Sylvie,

Love the video. I recall when I saw MB in Tulsa that year he played the guitar and how very much I liked that part of the show. Thank you so much, I will watch this video often.

Kathy in Tulsa :)

Hi Kathy, are you talking to me sweetie? :D I went back to the previous page and didn't find a video: I guess it must be a couple of pages back. In any case, glad you found something you really enjoy sweetie, take care my friend. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada :D

Hi Sylvie,

Yes, I am talking to you. It was the video of MB playing the guitar in Twin Cities you sent I was referring to, I love it when he plays and he is so very good and that short set of Lington, love It, too. Happy for you ladies that Kelly will be with MB in Newport as well.

Thanks and Big Hugs, Sylvie

Kathy T
Lol. Kathy in Tulsa. You found our 2010 tour thread. Enjoy reading it. I love MB playing guitar. I take alot of pics of him playing.

Robin in MD :--)

This is cool. The first message on this page was what I did 4/26/10. Wow! 2 days before my hand surgery. Michael sure can tear up a guitar that's for sure. I'd love to touch his hands while playing. :) That couldn't happen though. Boltonnut from L. A. CA who loves life & Michael Bolton :) I know Michael was on leno, Kimmel & Ellen the week of theweek of the 3rd of May & was unable to go due to the surgery. :(  

OMG ladies...I thought I was truly losing my mind when I saw the 2010 date!!!!!!!!! I am still laughing at my shock!!!! I was ready to commit myself...... after not remembering Delta's name and then this stroll through good ol' times!! My heart can't take this...lol

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Yeah Kathy reminds you of Michael's joke about going back in time and she says anytime .....still don't really get that one but don't tell Michael !!! LOL   I came in here not realizing it was 2010 and wondered what on earth was going on before I spotted that Scottie was alive and kicking and still beaming folk up or, back in time !! LOL.


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Hi There, Robin,

MB is quite awesome on guitar.

When MB played guitar in Tulsa, I did not want him to stop. There was a young man sitting next to me with his new wife and he did not know who MB was, he was just being nice and accompanying his wife. Well, needless to say, as we all have witnessed this at MB's concerts, the young man left there that night a new fan. He was blown away by MB's performance. This was also my first concert since the 90's here in Tulsa. I had not yet seen RAH. So, when MB began to sing WAMLAW, I was thinking "where is he?" He sure was not on stage, LOL, nope, I turned my head to the left and he was about 7 seats away at the end of the aisle. For me, that was a very fun and unexpected treat. Six Days later I drove to Branson to see him perform there, too. This was the night I felt I almost met him, remember that girl I have mentioned. MB is not doing Branson this year unfortunately but, Longview will be just fine with me.
I actually do know about the tour thread, I am still checking it all out when I can, alot to go through. Sylvie is always sending me things and that is where I saw the video this morning, thank you, Sylvie.

Kathy in Tulsa :-))

Have fun reading and catching up Kathy in Tulsa...LOL We have alot of stuff on this thread and the mega one for 2011 too.


Robin in MD :)

Where's Longview? Is that the one in Texas? Wow! Boltonnut from L. A. CA & to that young guy, he left that concert a changed man. :) boltonnut from L. A. CA who loves life & Michael Bolton :)


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