I wanted to start a new thread here to keep any promotional tv or other appearances for Michael new book or CD.  So far this is what I have.  They will also be listed on the main page but I will try to remember to bring them over here.  As always, check your local listings for times and stations but most will be NBC.  Times will vary:


Monday, January 28th
-Good Day NY 9:20am

WednesdayJanuary 30th 
-Today Show and performance



Thursday, January 31st (this is actually at 12:30 a.m. EST so definitely check listings on this one)
-Jimmy Fallon 

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A little bit out of Access Hollywood Live in a little article on what Michael has said and a picture from 6th September, 2011 when MB appeared on Access.........


FIRST PUBLISHED: March 13, 2013 12:33 PM EDT

BURBANK, Calif. --

Michael Bolton may have sparked rumors that he is still carrying a torch for Nicollette Sheridan, by writing about their lengthy love story in his memoir, “The Soul of It All,” but he’s not sure there will be another chapter.

“I wouldn’t bet on more chapters as much as I think that, certain people you’re always gonna love. [It’s] just a fact,” Michael told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Wednesday’s Access Hollywood Live.

“I’m not saying there is, I’m not saying there isn’t,” Michael added.

Asked about the former couple’s connection, which spanned decades, Michael said it was something that is hard to explain in words.

“It’s just something that happens with you and somebody in your life,” he said.

“That relationship was on and off for 17 years. I was five of course, when it started,” he joked


During his visit to Access Hollywood Live on Wednesday, Michael, who just released a new album – “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough: A Tribute To Hitsville U.S.A.” — also cleared up the rumor he once babysat a young Paula Abdul.

“Her older sister went out with my guitarist, so we would go over to the house, and then we’d all be like, ‘Um, should we go out and eat or do something?’ We couldn’t’ leave Paula alone. She was too young,” Michael said (he noted Paula was likely “10ish” at the time).

He did confirm the story that Paula once accidentally stabbed herself in her leg with a pencil, while he was there.

“I still think that was just a ploy to get some ice cream,” Michael said. “She said she sat on a pencil and it went into her leg. I don’t remember taking her to the hospital, to the emergency room, but I do remember [getting] ice cream.”"

Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Thanks Sylvia, very nice article and photo.


Kathy T. :-)

THanks Sylvia..Nice interview on AH.


Just got done watching Hallmark Channel Home and Family while here on my lunch break. MB did a great job, very funny, didn't tell us anything really different but was nice seeing him so relaxed. He had on a blue button down shirt and jeans..Love the haircut too..Kelly did a fantastic job.. The duet was alot of fun to watch. I envy the folks out there in the audience for the show..

Great way to brighten up my day!

Robin in MD :)

Just thought I'd let you all know "The Talk" has been preempted because of the election of the new pope.  Hopefully they'll repeat the show sometime soon.

                        Diane (:


Hi Sylvia! Thanks for the article! This photo is from today? ... because it looks great ... personally shorter hair fits you best ... always seemed younger but it seems less! thank you! I could not see the programs ... for my area ... kisses, Mar

Hola Sylvia!! Gracias por el artículo!! Esta foto es de hoy? ...porque se lo ve muy bien...el pelo más corto personalmente le queda mejor...siempre pareció de menos edad pero así parece menos!! gracias! No pude ver los programas...por mi área...besitos, Mar

No Mar, picture is from September, 2011 when Michael appeared on Hollywood Access but they put that picture out today.

El cuadro es de septiembre de 2011 Mar!! Access Hollywood apagarlo con el artículo pues es un cuadro suyo cuando Michael apareció en el programa en 2011.


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.



Gracias Sylvia!! recién ví los videos...muy gracioso el de Acces...y el de hallmark tambien muy bueno! Besos, Mar

Thanks for this article,could you please explain in a few words, I translate some songs are ambiguous but for me, I understood the very passage with Paula Abul, when he was baby sister, and the rest less clear thank you very much to you

merci beaucoup


This is a translation of the whole artice Katia and I hope you can understand a little more....if not let me know !! :)


Michael Bolton peut ont suscité des rumeurs qu'il est toujours porteur d'une torche pour Nicollette Sheridan, en écrivant sur leur histoire d'amour longuement dans ses mémoires, « The Soul of It All, » mais il n'est pas sûr qu'il y aura un autre chapitre."Je ne parierais pas sur des chapitres plus autant que je pense que certaines personnes vous toujours allez adorer. [Il a] juste un fait, "Michael a dit Billy Bush et Kit Hoover sur Access Hollywood Live de mercredi.« Je ne dis rien, je ne dis pas il n'existe pas, » a ajouté Michael.Interrogé sur les propos de l'ancien couple, qui a duré des décennies, Michael a dit que c'était quelque chose qui est difficile à expliquer avec des mots.« C'est juste quelque chose qui se passe avec vous et quelqu'un dans votre vie, » dit-il.« Cette relation était sous et hors tension pendant 17 ans. J'avais cinq ans, bien sûr, quand il a commencé,"il a plaisantéLors de sa visite à Access Hollywood Live mercredi, Michael, qui vient de sortir un nouvel album, « Ain't non montagne haute assez: A Tribute à Hitsville USA » — aussi éclairci la rumeur qu'il gardait une fois un jeune Paula Abdul.« Sa sœur aînée est sorti avec mon guitariste, donc nous allions à la maison, et puis nous serions tous être comme, « Um, devrions nous sortir et manger ou faire quelque chose? » Nous ne pouvions pas ' laisser Paula seul. Elle était trop jeune,"Michael a dit (il a noté Paula était susceptible de"10ish"à l'époque).Il a confirmé l'histoire que Paula une fois accidentellement poignardé elle-même dans la jambe avec un crayon, alors qu'il était là.« Je pense toujours que c'était juste un stratagème pour obtenir la crème glacée, » dit Michael. "Elle a dit elle s'assit sur un crayon et il est allé dans sa jambe. Je ne me souviens pas emmener à l'hôpital, aux urgences, mais je me souviens [se] crème glacée. ""

Sylva.  Your wee Scottish friend.


thanks a lot Sylvia for the translate




Here is a link into the Hollywood Access Live Show from today and Francoise found link......thanks Francoise !!! :)



Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Thanks a bunch Sylvia!!

Robin in MD :)


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