Just got this info:


Michael Bolton Charities Event

Sunday, August 25th - DINNER & CONCERT

Eldorado Hotel Casino

Monday, August 26th - CELEBRITY GOLF CLASSIC

Montreux Country Club

More details coming soon!



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Thanks  Gail! Wondering if there will be a golf event in CT this coming year?

Robin in MD :)

Oh my.....right before our anniversary. So when Bob asks..."what do you want to do for our 37th anniversary on Aug. 28th?" I dunno....LOL  I now have a little suggestion....lol  Thanks Gail :) 

Kathy and LAFD Bob

There you go Kathy:)! And then we all get to hear another great review from you:)!

Mary (meg's mom)!

I sure hope that we see you there Kathy. I think that I am going to have heart surgery soon and I think it might just interfer with the shows in Washington state in April. Ashley is so worried about both me and missing Michael, so am I. 

Hey Mr. Tom (Ashley)!

   Sorry to hear your sad news...I hope you bounce back quick, then you can read MB's book to your Ashley again! Take it easy, I will say prayers for you Both! I know she would have Loved to be at his show tonite:)!

Mary (meg's mom)!

Listening to Hitsville now! Love It:)!

Hello Mr. Thomas, good afternoon ... I just read this story of yours ... I hope you are well ... if you have not been operated according to beware of what your doctor says and reaches to its operation .. ., and make the corresponding rehabilitation ... now science has advanced enough ... know his heart problem ... especially if it's a blockage in the coronary sten good resolved, the procedure is simple and rehabilitation not complicated but should make it ... Take care if you have high blood pressure ... I hope you are well ... so you and your wife can still enjoy Michael! I send warm greetings and God bless you and help you in all this ... from Argentina, Mar

Hola Sr Thomas, buenas tardes...acabo de leer esta noticia suya...espero que se encuentre bien...si aún no lo han operado cuídese de acuerdo a lo que le dice su médico así llega bien a su operación...y despues haga la rehabilitación correspondiente...ahora la ciencia ha avanzado bastante...desconozco su problema cardíaco en particular...si es por una obstrucción en las coronarias con un buen sten se soluciona, la intervención es sencilla y la rehabilitación no es complicado pero debe hacerla...cuidese si tiene presión alta...espero que se encuentre bien... así usted y su señora pueden seguir disfrutando de Michael!! Le mando un cordial saludo y que Dios lo bendiga y le ayude en todo esto...desde Argentina, Mar

Hi Mar I do not have a wife and Ashley is my baby daughter and at this age I dont think I need another wife but I really did like being married and I really miss being married and thank you for your kind wishes. Tom & Booboo

Sorry to hear this Tom!!!! Dang...I completely missed this post!!! I will email you :) So sorry for NOT seeing this message sooner!!!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob

kathy lol ... that good! Enjoy! kisses, Mar

Hi Robin, I just found this thread.  Hopefully he'll do one in CT again this year.  Please let me know if you hear anything. 


         Diane :)

I don't think so Robin...I'm told right now it looks like Reno is it for the charity things.

Thanks for the info, Gail. Looks like they're spreading it over 2 days this year instead of 1.


Anna (in MO)


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