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AMERICAN IDOL 2012 & 2013

Welcome anyone watching Idol who would like to talk about it.

We are continuing this discussion with the current season #12

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Hi everyone,

I think enough of us are watching American Idol (AI) to make this thread worthwhile. So I am taking Sylvie from Canada's suggestion to move it from New Tour Reviews 2011 and give it it's own thread here in Off Topic. Since tonight starts the top 11 voting, it's getting interesting and a good time to start talking about it.

I have been a fan since it started 10 years ago. Hard to believe it's been on that long, not many TV shows last that long. So to anyone watching: "who is your favorite?"


from the Jersey Shore


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So tonight's show was music by Elton John (Helena-hope you were watching!!)

Top 11, here's what they all sang.  2 get voted off and announced tomorrow night.

  • Scotty McCreery – Country Comfort
  • Naima Adedapo – I’m Still Standing 
  • Paul McDonald – Rocket Man
  • Pia Toscano – Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me
  • Stefano Langone – Tiny Dancer
  • Lauren Alaina – Candle In the Wind
  • James Durbin – Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting 
  • Thia Megia – Daniel
  • Casey Abrams – Your Song 
  • Jacob Lusk – Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word
  • Haley Reinhart – Bennie and the Jets

My favorite is Pia, has been all along.  I also really like Scotty & Lauren.  I am glad Casey and Haley came back strong tonight, they were not doing well the last two weeks.  I really do like them both a lot, also seems they both really like each other.  Found out on the news they are an item!  Cute couple.



No I wasn't Joy, I don't watch American Idol.....sorry!



Hi Helena,

Oh, OK I thought you did and were talking about it with us. 

We just thought of you (Sylive and myself) because they all had to sing Elton songs!



That's ok was nice you girls thought of me anyway!!  But if you hear that Elton makes a guest appearence, please let me know!!!



Hey Joy, thanks for the invitation and the credit! :D For my part, I resisted watching the first season because it was just too popular, isn’t that silly? But after I heard the end result Kelly Clarkson, I started watching it faithfully from the second season on. I’m a closet singer, btw. :D This year, I truly love Scotty’s voice and although I don’t think I would buy his CD because I’m sorry to say I’m not a huge country fan, I definitely think he belongs on the radio. My favorite is James, but I like Jacob too. For the girls, I like Naima’s attitude and I’m torn between Pia and Thia for the girls, but I really loved what both Lauren and Hayley did with the songs last night. They have beautiful voices and performed from the heart. I thought of Helena too yesterday, but knew she wasn’t watching it. The judges keep saying this every year, that this is the strongest group ever, but feel they’re right this year. It’s not often you can remember all the first names and identify with the voices so that’s a big plus. So there you go Joy! Hope more people join in and throw in their 2 cents. I’ll give M&M the link to this page. Take care sweetie. Hugs, sincerely,Sylvie from Canada.  

Hi Sylvie,

So far it's just you and me!! So tonight Naima and Thia went home, I am OK with that choice.  But I was hoping Thia would stay and Paul would leave.  I just am not a fan of Paul at all.  I know a lot are, but I just don't like his voice.  I think the duet with Scotty and Lauren tonight was great, they should make a record.  You are right about Scotty, he probably won't win idol as I don't think enough fans that vote are country music fans, I am not.  But he is really, really good. I think he willl be in it for awhile still, and do the tour and end up like Kelly Pickler.  She made Idol to sixth place, and she is very popular in the country music scene today. 

Talk to you here next weeK!

Joy :~)


Hi Joy I gave the link to this thread to M&M and Kathy so I’m sure they’ll be by, when they have a minute. Back to AI, did you like Simon and do you miss him? Personally, I warmed up to him over the years and respected his opinion most often, but not the way he expressed it. I’m sorry to say I don’t really miss him though. Steve Tyler makes things interesting: I love his energy, but my favorite judge will always be Randy and I’d say he’s the one I agree with most often. Well about yesterday, I was sorry to see the girls go, but unfortunately, someone had to. I am not a Paul fan either: he’s got a James Blunt thing going on and it’s not my cup of tea. Obviously, I can only give you my audio critique! :D I agree about the Scotty/Lauren duet. You see I do enjoy some country, but with good voices and not too much of a twangy/plaintive tone or phrasing. I love some artists voices like Lady Antebellum and Martina McBride though. Oh I loved Kelly Pickler, she was adorable! All right Joy, 2 questions about the past seasons: did you ever have a favorite that made it all the way through and is there one singer that you were completely devastated when they left too early? I find that most often, I’m okay with either finalist winning and buy their first CD at least. My favorite from the start who made it all the way was Taylor Hicks and the one I would have wanted to win in season 4 was Latoya London. Mind you, Jennifer Hudson and Daughtry leaving too early was pretty shocking too. Funny how things work out for winners and non-winners huh? Well, talk to you next week I guess Joy, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Hi Joy,

This was hard for me to get to, but I finally made it!  I agreed with the voters! They picked the right ones to go home 1st!

But the next one will be a tough one!

Meggy & I didn't watch this show until, Daughtry, Ace and all those were on. I remember telling Meg to come watch

because they had alot of cut guys for her on it! We've been hooked since!

Daughtry is Awesome! And he's very nice in person!

Thanks for adding this, I hope we see our Michael on this show! That would be Great:)!

Mary (M&M's)!

I dont watch it at all I'm afraid, I cant stand shows like this because the contestants have their dreams shattered and who picks up the pieces for them.


They always seem to choose young good looking people too and its not always them who have the most talent.


The UK shows are even worse!! There was a lady called Mary on one of the UK shows who really should have won, but she was knocked out in favour of the good looking youngster!! It's all one massive fiddle in my oppinion and its the voters who are being ripped off because it is their votes who are being discounted and the TV companies reaping the benefits whilst knocking out the most popular contestants that the public have voted for. There was a scam like this last year when the votes werent being registered although the voter was still being charged for their vote!

Luckily, Mary has been given a recording contract and is releasing her debut album soon.


I'd like to see older, fat ugly people being put through and winning and not all of these skinny, 'beautiful' youngsters who probably dont have enough 'life skills' to contend with the stresses of fame. This is how it always is in the Uk. I dont know if the US is different? Perhaps they are? Are any of your US contestants older and more mature and not the 'usual' boring beauty?


I hope you enjoy it though, keep on watching and do let us know who wins. Sounds like they chose some great songs for last weeks shows. I wonder if they'll do a Michael Bolton week too?


Love Jennifer XX


Hi Jennifer, I’m sorry you’re so disenchanted with  your U.K. version of the show. I understand what you’re saying about shattered dreams and not all contestants are emotionally equipped to deal with the results, good or bad, but as the judges always say: it’s a competition and there’s  only 1 crowned winner. I don’t know about the appearance part, other than what I’ve heard. Season 2 winner Ruben Studdard wasn’t exactly your Adonis Ken doll when he won, from what I understand and season 5 winner Taylor Hicks wasn’t your conventional pop star type. The results are voted by the public who will buy these people’s CD’s and buy tickets to the shows. Sadly, not everyone in show-business has the whole package. About the age thing, the reality is that  there is an age “window” the show works with. For people out of it, they can always go on “America’s got talent”. I’m sorry Jen, I haven’t heard about the vote scam. But you know, as I was telling Joy, you never know what happens with winners and non-winners: look at Daughtry now, look at Jennifer Hudson and look at Adam Lambert. None of them won the competition but I’d say they’re doing pretty good. And even if they don’t have international careers, I’m sure that Clay Aikin, Kelly Pickler and Josh Greyson are quite content with what they’ve achieved with the visibility they got on Idol. Just my opinion. I have to say that I don’t always agree with who’s chosen as winner, but I do enjoy watching the journey of these young people and experiencing it with them. Again, sorry you can’t appreciate it sweetie but thanks for sharing. Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

We love this show...And the new judges are not harsh with them at all!

I love Steven Tyler, he really looks to me like he's a perfectionist and also

very genuine! He doesn't want to hurt there feelings like  Simon did! And Jennifer & Randy

are great, too! Steven brings flavor to the show! All and All it's just fun to watch.

I've been with Meggy to 3 shows with the 2 David's! 2 roadtrips as well...We had a

Blast! Did you know that everyone brings All of these kids Goodie Bags! Well they do! And when we saw it

happen, we took some for All 10 that year!  Good-Times:)!

Mary (M&M's)!

Hi Folks,


I believe, here in the UK, we have the most fantastic story of someone who certainly does not come from a "stereotype"  but won the hearts of millions through a talent contest and that is SUSAN BOYLE - that is a story of a WINNER !!


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


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