Special Event Celebrating Orrin Bolton's New Album!!!

You can help support Orrin, MIchael's brother, by attending this event which celebrates the release of his long-awaited CD "Liv'n Like A Man." Orrin and some very select musicians will perform songs from the new album. This will be his first performance in a long time...and, his only performance in the Northeast. The event will take place at Daniel Street Club on December 29th beginning at 7 p.m. It's an early evening show, so you can enjoy dinner (special ticket offer) across the street at Stonebridge before attending the show. For more info, click on the link below and scroll to the bottom of the page.







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Here's the link to Toad's Place with info about Orrin's show on Nov. 10th.




Anna (in MO)

Thanks for additional information Anna.....be interesting to know who the "special" guests are !!! :)


Capt. Sylvia. Sparrow.   Your wee Scottish friendly pirate.

Timber me shivers.....you aren't sailing over Wee One???? lol Thanks Anna for more info :)

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Getting my witches costume ready for that one Kathy and flying over on my broomstick !!! lol.

Capt. Sylvia Sparrow.  Your wee Scottish friendly pirate

Look!!!   Up in the sky.....is it a bird, is it a plane?!?!?  Is it the Wee One?!?!?  LOL!!!



Well at least you have a telescope so you should be able to see......just a word of warning look out for anything that might go "plop"   !!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL.

Capt. Sylvia Sparrow.   Your wee Scottish friendly pirate for three more days only. 

Don't you have a "plop map" for targeting Wee One????? LOL

Kathy and LAFD Bob 

I don't have a telescope Sylvia....will you get me one for Christmas?!?!?   ROLF!!!!!   :)


So that isn't you in your avatar Helena ????????????? ROFL    I checked with Google and they don't DOO, DOO, DOO plop maps Kathy !!!!!!!! LOL.       (A "doo"  in West Scotland is a pigeon !! LOL)

Capt. Sylvia Sparrow.   Your wee Scottish friendly pirate

Hi Anna,


I wanted to wish Orrin and everyone else attending (band, special guests and audience!) an amazing evening.    I know they'll have a brilliant time, wish I could be there.


di xxx

Hope this works!

Orrin at Toad's Place/Lilly's Pad


Anna (in MO)

Thanks Anna! that worked great!!!!!

Robin in MD :)


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