Hi everyone, well this is my first attempt at starting a discussion so hope I’m doing this right... :D . A couple of weeks ago, I asked Gail when she thought would be a proper time to start thinking of what we fans want to do for our Michael’s 60th birthday. She said she was out of ideas, but suggested I’d start a thread asking fans for suggestions. I figure we have exactly 4 months, starting today,  to come up with something fun and get mobilised to achieve it. I’m no organizer, I just thought we could share ideas so let’s put our heads together and see what we can come up with! :D Take care and hugs to all, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada J

*The 2 most popular suggestions so far are:


- individual donations to michaelboltoncharities.com, mentionning they are made in honor of Michael’s birthday, of any amount you feel comfortable with.

-a collective wall-hanging made from personalized fabric squares sent by fans that will be stitched together. The 4 inch/10 cm squares (with small blank margin) only need have your signature and location but can be crafty as you are able. For

more info, ask here, or PM either me, or Amie Angeli who will be doing the stitching and presenting the finished product to our Michael.


**Note: The final deadline for recieving fabric squares is February 15th, so you don't have much time left. :D

**It would also mean a lot to Michael if fans donate to the Red Cross for victims of hurricane Sandy at:


then E-mail Gail at boltoninfo@aol.com with your name and location, so she can add  them to the MBC donors list.

**If you feel strongly about sending Michael a card or personal gift, you may send it to:

Michael Bolton

c/o Michael Bolton Charities

P.O. Box 936

Branford, CT 06405


*Note that the deadline for recieving cards and presents is February 20th 2013, whether you send them to either Gail or Michael Bolton Charities.

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Naples Open studio trails.  My sister is an artist Carol Geroux. A picture for Michael ?????   Can he he see this ?

Thanks Joy......................... back to giving a gift for our favorite all time 

Hey there Sylvie,

All these are great ideas, but I like the one of a donation to his charity the best!  I think he would appreciate it the most, it could be the $60 or whatever anyone can afford, as fans of Michael, we should show as much support for his charity as possible and I think he would really like that instead of a gift that he may never use, that way we are supporting him through his charity....along with cards with personal notes in them since Gail is willing to do that again this year..  I have supported his charities since "This Close" days and will continue to do so in whatever manner I can, be it for cancer or women at risk..
just my 2 cents


Hi Kerie, I feel the same way..Well said.

Robin in MD:)

I agree with you Kerie and am seeing more and more it is the only feasible way to go and whilst other suggestions are good, even my own (lol), they are not logistically possible and as you say I believe too Michael would appreciate a gesture such as that so, so much.....it would mean so much to him and I believe too for the fact that, if not all of us but certainly the majority, who would be donating, do not come from CT but by our donations would be showing we want to support something that is so dear to his heart would mean the world to him.


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


I just think the donations would be so much easier to put together involving ALL of us from all over the world and without any real "problems" that can occur......if you know what I mean ;)  Been there....done that!!!! Perhaps we all could spread the word on our facebook pages and elsewhere publicizing to our other BB's not on the forum regularly who might want to also donate to MBC for his birthday!!! And of course hopefully inspire new fans to do the same :))))  I am also sappy Sylvie and that is why I usually have a small offering for Michael when I see him...if and when I get the chance. But to get the biggest bang for our buck as they say and for soooo many fans to be able to also participate, I think donating to MBC would be very exciting!!! I mean there is Olga in Russia and Wee One in Scotland and Sylvie in Cananda and Pilar in Spain and on and on. We ALL can come together and send our heartfelt birthday wishes to Michael in ONE universal act of compassion and donate to his prodigy....MBC :))) Oh my...I am tearing up...where are the tissues?  See...I am a sap!!!! LOL 

Kathy and LAFD Bob

It is okay, Bob's Kathy, let those tears rip. It has been an extremely stressful week for hurricane victims and those close to them and we have all been concerned and involved emotion wise here I know. I am okay with whatever we contribute to for MBs birthday but would someome please put a bag of M&Ms in their purse or a gift bag to hand to him, and I am quite certain someone is planning to do just that, lol.........


Kathy T. :-)

Hi Kerie, well I started this discussion to take the pulse of the fans and donations seem to be the most popular idea. I just thought it would have been nice for Michael to have a keepsake: guess I'm just a sap! :D Thanks for sharing sweetie, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Hi Sylvie,

You have a right to be a sap, to each his own, remember that. I am sure there is a way to do a personal gift for those who choose to do so.


Kathy T. ;-)

Hey Sylvie,

  Don't underestimate my Meghan, if there is any way she can make this CD of as you say "This Is your life" she will do it...she's pretty computer savvy:)! She just wanted to have his Fans pix. in it as well! That's why I chose Sylvia to do this...but Not to Worry...it will happen!

Any song choices, since it is a Birthday CD:)! I can't think of anything! Need a couple of good ones!

This has been a great Thread girl, keep up the great work!

Mary (Meg's mom)!

Just to say Mary yeah I think it is a terrific idea of Meghan's and I hope she does achieve it but what I don't get is you saying pictures of fans to go somewhere in it BUT what fans.....how do you pick which ones.....would it just be  us that are normally in the forum here, or the 6,000 odd that are members of the website.....and where are all the pictures of these fans; we don't even have a picture of you let alone many, many other fans .....just think how many come into the forum regularly that don't use pictures of themselves as their avatars !!    In the choosing, do you pick some and not others, and how then can that be fair, or representative, of his fans on the website as with the ideas of a blanket or scrapbook for it would only be those that contribute that get the recognition....that ain't fair in my book !!    I have got to hark back to that was why I came up with the suggestion of one gift from all of us ......everyone is included who is on the website; whether they contribute to the forum; whether they contribute to only blogs; whether they only lurk in the background; they would all be included and that, to me, is being fair and to me, would then be a gift, or keepsake in recognition of his birthday, from his fans on his WEBSITE with no distinction whatsoever.

I again and for the last time will put my case and say I am more than willing to get something and my something would still be golf related because for me, there is no other gift for Michael, when it is his greatest love after music and as I said a Quaich which is something that is more than recognized within the golfing fraternity.   You may all never have heard, or even seen one, but rest assured Michael has and will know exactly what it means because they are used as a trophy at golf but in being used as such, they are filled, generally, with whisky and passed around because it too is a friendship cup and that is why the winner of it passes it round all his golfing buddies and that was the little bit of emotional subtelty for my choosing it because we are all "Michael's buddies" and we would be giving him our friendship cup.....call that "sap" if you will.    Also too it is not a large object it is a small shallow drinking cup with the two flat handles at either side but they are attractive as you get many designs engraved on them and too there is always space for an engraving to be put on and I should add why I offered to buy is because they range greatly in price....could buy a beautiful one for £20, EPNS doesn't have to be silver does it ???  .....all I do is take off whatever cost incurred of donation to MBC  and gives me plenty to play around with because I already know what my donation to MBC is going to be.   Finally, my idea of such a gift was also based on having looked closely at style of MB's home and content of and from that I firmly believe such an object and with such design would fit in, more than, with his style.   I obviously too would be able to take picture of and place on here for everyone to see and I feel that instead of everyone having to be involved in the making, design and getting of a gift the whole process is perfectly simple but could mean so much to Michael, apart from the object itself but the knowledge that we have all agreed collectively on it and too, it most assuredly, is not an object that will deteriorate, in any way, in time.   It is also something that, in the giving, not one of us "outdoes" the other for if Gail would agree that it be sent to her for her onward transmission to Michael I obviously would ask that she remove any obvious signs of it coming from me before it is sent to him and, therefore, he would have no idea where it originated only that the thought and sentiment is one that comes from us all.

As I have said that is my final contribution on here....I have said my piece and I only add that I am more than willing, if it were agreed, to see to the getting of such a gift.


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Hey Sylvia,

   Let's just say it will be personalized by:Meghan...to Michael only:)! If & when she does it, I will be glad to send you a copy my friend...I don't know a thing about Golf at All...so your idea is relevent as well..as are all of the Rest..I will contribute to whatever we can all agree on...but you have to admit our Sylvie "The Solver" has got Us all thinking? LOL!

Have a Great Day!

Mary (M&M's)!


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