Can you put a picture with your page here on the forum?

Dear all fans over here.

I am very happy to see how fast this forum is growing with lots off fans from Michael.

I don't know about you but I really love to see a picture from you ore Michael in your avatar. I would love to see on of yourself so we know how you look like...we already asked this on the old forum and lucky with this new forum more people do this. It's nice to know who is behind the name and all the comments.

If you don't know how please ask because it is very easy to do...If is wasn't I wouln't ask lol lol


lots of love Jacqueline xxx

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This is my wife and me...

Dear Ray I love to see your wedding picture and as I can see this was not that long ago...please tell us.
I have been married not that long ago aswell last year 9th off october..But what I ment lol was that you put a picture next to your name your avatar...
But I am very happy you did this so we can see lots more of you and your wife..Always nice to see who is behind the messages everybody is leaving behind.
lots of love Jacqueline

No this is not our baby lol but our grandson lol...There he was 9 months and we have the 2th grandchild on the way 2 weeks for Xmas...
lots of love Jacqueline
what an adorable picture Jacqueline, love your grandson,s slippers!
Love Sandra xx
I love the 'cage' effect on your bouquet. I used to do this alot with my bouquets. Its very effective isnt it?

Jac, you look really amazing in this photograph. I've got one of your wedding photographs by my desk and it makes me smile each time I look at it.

Love Jennifer XX
Jacqueline that is a beautiful picture of the three of you.
Grandson is a little cutie.
Love Dianna xxx
what a great picture Ray, the look of true wedded bliss
Love Sandra x
Thank you so much Sandra!!
Dear Ray,
I still haven't told me how long ago this was...I had put it under your picture lol. think you haven't seen it.
Hope you will give you wife a great mother's day tomorrow.
And have a nice weekend. lots of love Jacqueline xxx
Oh Jacqueline..I am was Sept.10th, our 4th wedding anniversary will be coming up..It is the second time for both of us..And I plan on giving her a very nice Mother's Day..She is actually from Connecticut where Michael is from!!!
Hi Ray it is alright lol...hope she had a great lots of love jacqueline and thanks for the info xxx
That's a nice picture Ray
Thanks for sharing
Dianna xx
Hya Jac,

I'm glad you managed to work out how to post an avatar by your name when you post.

Would you like to add a post with instructions on how to do this in the 'Hints and tips on using this site' thread in off topic?

If you would rather I posted it, please just ask and I will gladly post instructions there.

Thanks darling.
Love Jennifer XX


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