Does anyone know when the cd and t-shirt will arrive. I had signed up for the $100 pledge when it was first listed. I have been waiting patiently everyday waiting for it to arrive. Please someone let me know when.


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Hi again Debbie, the PledgeMusic site is completely independant from Michael's site sweetie and although many fans are disenchanted with the process, only PledgeMusic can answer your questions. I understand your frustration, since it's been almost 2 years since all this started. Even those of us who had only ordered the plain CD and download were told we'd get the CD on the release date and that didn't happen. As I've mentioned on the other thread you've posted on, try contacting them through their Facebook page, which seems to be, according to fans, the fastest way to get through to them. Good luck! Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

Debbie, I'm sorry for your and other fans frustration in receiving the CDs and merchandise from Pledgemusic.  I did ask if anyone could give me an update on the items.  All of the unsigned CDs are being sent out now.  The tshirts are being printed and should be finished today and then they are sent to a fullfilment house who sends them out.  For some reason it took longer to get the items ordered from manufacturers and to the fullfilment house and out to you than anticipated.  They are out of the signed CDs due to more being ordered than they thought and so Michael will have to sign more before those can be sent out.

Hope this helps some.Gail

Just in response for update with those across Pond and not just in UK, anywhere across Pond.  These details appear to be same for everyone for have been in contact with a few of the girls and know all of them their tracking details stop on 13th February with CD still being in USA.  I have been in touch with girls in UK, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy and The Netherlands.

 CD's, signed and unsigned, were sent from Pledge Music distribution centre in Addison, Texas on 9th February.  They were received by DHL distribution centre in Melrose Park, Illinois on 11th February.  On 13th February at 8.46 am 2 of mine went to Deutsche Post Chicago, Illinois and at 5.07 pm they were received back at Melrose Park, Illinois. There are no tracking details after that.  It is only showing "En Route" but where too it does not state.  I "assume", which is a bad thing to do, they are now travelling across Pond.  The big question is how ??? By surface mail, or, by what method; not stated!  For info I have 3 pledges.  One of which is my own and two gifted.  Two show details as above but one shows 14th instead of 13th.  They are all signed CD's.

Do not believe Pledge Music will be able to give much assistance for those they distributed on 9th for they are now in the hands of DHL and for me, it is them that need to get finger out.   

Maybe Pledge Music need to be made aware of exactly how DHL work and how long it appears to take them to clear anything for distribution outside States and to consider going with another postal service but wouldn't blame PM, at this stage, for those they sent out on 9th.  Only thing feel they could have done was to have been aware of DHL's practice and to have distributed them to DHL long before 9th.  Hindsight, as usual, is a wonderful thing as is happening on this occasion.

Other thing which has annoyed people is that Pledge Music didn't download the CD until on minute passed midnight on 10th February.  You could go onto Spotify at one midnight passed midnight on 10th February and listen to whole CD and have paid NOTHING toward.  Definitely believe Pledge Music need to rethink that one !!!

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Also, I know some of you with questions on your orders are having a hard time finding a way to contact Pledgemusic but I was given this email if you want to contact them

Hi Gail, thanks for doing all you can to help everyone. Have you had a good experience trying to reach them through that address? I'm asking for others, because I've got mine: I'm golden! Robin in Md said the easiest way to reach them was through FB. Just checking sweetie. In any case, thanks again, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

Thanks Gail and update on overseas orders.  They appear to be all arriving now.  I have mine updated that it was received in UK on 16th and is now out for distribution at 1.00 pm today.  Mute point, why was tracking not updated yesterday.  It has four separate entries for coming into UK and being distributed through different sites but at least it is here and hopefully may just get tomorrow.  My two gifted ones for abroad have arrived in Frankfurt and one which is for Germany is also out for delivery and other one is waiting to take its next step around the least it is half way there so that is something !!! lol

This has turned into something akin to the SAGA of Songs of Cinema and at least, for sure, something we won't forget  each and every time we mention, CD.....oh dear Lordy, nothing goes smoothly, does it ???? LOL

Just to say Pledge Music Help on Twitter have answered tweets about and are now keeping fingers crossed, like us all, that we get this weekend !!! lol  Have to say I have, right from very beginning, found the boys and girls on Pledge Music great to communicate with and have never been left hanging waiting for an answer... maybe I've just been lucky !!!

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend



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