Just went on to ticketmaster to look at the venue seating and it says the Charleston concert with Kenny G has been cancelled. Anyone know anything? Thanks.




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Thanks for putting that in Lynn although it doesn't affect me in anyway but OMG I hope it isn't true - not for all the girls that have got tickets - oh I hope ticketmaster has got something mixed up !!


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.

Lynn, I just got this confirmation.  I dont' know why only that it has been cancelled...and it doesn't look like it was Michael who cancelled. I'm trying to get more info.  Did ticketmaster send a note to people who bought tickets there that they would get their money back, etc?

Thanks, Gail. I signed in to my ticketmaster account and it showed it as cancelled and said to call customer service for a refund.



So sorry to hear this Lynn! :(


Thanks Robin, as of now we still have Fayetteville, hope that doesn't change! Just glad I didn't buy the airline ticket I had been looking at, would have been lots of money down the drain. I was procrastinating buying the ticket, guess I had a gut feeling it wasn't going to happen.



So true Lynn, that would have been a bigger expense for you.I sure hope you do still have Fayetteville. I like that town, saw MB there in 1998. This year it was too much to go south and then run back up North so soon to CT..or otherwise I'd have gone for that one too. LOVE going to NC!  Have a blast.

Robin :)

Oh man, that stinks Lynn!!  I know you and Karen are bummed to no end...at least you still have Fayettville!!!  Maybe he will still find somewhere here in the south to come, how 'bout Tunica, it is finally back to being open after all the flooding!!! LOL!!!


Yep Kerie, we are bummed but looking forward to Fayetteville. Tunica sounds good to me!! I heard rumor that Biloxi might be scheduled over Labor Day weekend, that works for me too :)



Good for you guys if he does but he was just there..Some areas seems like he tends to go back to more often, we need him up here in this area again..Ours here got cancelled and we need one in the VA, MD PA area..I don't want much do I!!LOL  I girl can hope!! LOL

Robin in MD :)

Yeah Robin, he does owe ya one up there!! and no, that is not asking tooo much!!!!! I would have gone to NC also if I hadn't already had CT planned, but, it was too close to do both...Well Lynn, Biloxi would work for me this time..LOL!! Maybe the rumors would come true!!   Oh well, looking forward to the upcoming ones....



I am so sorry about Charleston but I hope your rumor about Biloxi is true.  Last year we went to Biloxi to hear Michael and we took our daughters. It would be wonderful if he was back. Tunica sounds good too.  I think that is our favorite place to go.  Let us know something as soon as you hear something.



I follow Michael on Facebook and I think it's terrible that I wouldn't have known the concert was canceled if I hadn't gotten an email from the person I bought the tickets from. It should be under NEWS on his website. I have wanted to see him for 30 years, had front row seats. Made hotel reservation and arranged for time off from work to go. Glad I did find out before the long drive.


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