CBJWT signs up Michael Bolton to sell airtime for JT

CBJWT has enlisted the Grammy award-winning singer Michael Bolton to star in a new campaign for the agency’s Channel Island-based and state-owned telecommunications company JT (formerly Jersey Telecom).

The new campaign is promoting a new pay-as-you-go suite of mobile offers and the campaign, which is entitled “MyCool Bolt-on”, uses manipulated titles of the star's songs to promote the bolt-on deals.

The campaign launches this month and will span radio, press, posters, in-store, online and on social media.

The media planning and buying has been executed in-house by JT’s marketing team.

The campaign also coincides with the release of Bolton's new album. The singer has sold over 53 million albums and singles worldwide.

CBJWT won the business just over a year ago when it saw off competitive pitches from several London agencies.

Tamara O’Brien, head of marketing, brand & distribution at JT said: “We are absolutely thrilled that our new bolt-on campaign has coincided with Michael Bolton’s new album release. It has provided us with a fantastic opportunity to create a one-off tongue in cheek play on words, which has resulted in some very creative and memorable advertising.

“We are delighted to introduce our new pre-paid offers with such a high profile campaign featuring one of my personal favourite music legends, which really will capture the hearts of many fans and the attention of islanders in Jersey and Guernsey, where the iconic singer plans to perform later this summer.”

The creative idea to approach Michael Bolton came from CBJWT but the actual deal was brokered by JT.

Bolton added: “JT came to me with this idea which I am pleased to endorse. Not only is it funny and creative it very much celebrates my music. I am looking forward to visiting the island of Jersey and of course JT have kindly given me my very own MyCool Bolt-on mobile to use whilst I’m there.

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Thanks for that information and pretty wonderful all at the same time BUT Michael forgot something......what is his MyCool Bolt-on mobile number ?????? LOL.


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


lol that sounds funny, I hope we get to see some! Thanks a lot Gail, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Hi Sylvie and Robin CA the poster that is displayed along with the article showing the advert for the mobile phone from JT has a picture of Michael standing holding a guitar straight up, not playing it but caressing it, and the background colour of the poster is green and he has on a black t-shirt and they have made the guitar white and it has the words, which are written in white, and go over two lines with the first line saying:- "JT Presents" and second line:- "MyCool Bolt-on" and then below that in black lettering are the words:- "Legendary pay as you go deals" and those three lines are above MB and then you come to his picture on the right side with a blue circle which is lying just off of  MB's right shoulder and within that is written, in white again over four lines the words:- "How can we be lovers if we can't get online and stuff ?"  and then the last line says:- "1p per MB" really is a good poster and I like the caption a lot and I just wonder when he is in Jersey if he sings HCWBL if it will be a special rendition !!!!!! LOL.


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


:D Thanks very much for the description Sylvia! I love it! The TV ads should be interesting... :D Again, much appreciated Sylvia, you're a sweetie. Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Thanks Gail, Sounds fun for those who can take advantage of this..I take it that's it's a phone offer and other stuff to go with it?  HCWBL is my all time fav concert song! Curious if they do something with it too..


Robin in MD :)

Good on you Michael :)

Love the name too MyCool Bolt-on very clever :)

Love Dianna xxx


Not sure who can get this service but if those in the UK are interested here is more info.

Too funny Gail!! I am sure Michael is enjoying the "funny lyric" lines :) I sure hope they sell a lot of phones or minutes or whatever it is!!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Oh Gail thanks for finding that and I wish I could get to Jersey and buy some of those phone you think Michael may just get some promotional ones free and he could maybe, just maybe, run a little competition for them.....OMG I would love to have them for that is certainly a collectable item !! :)

I believe Kathy that what they are are top-up phone cards from the JT mobile provider service along the same lines that Michael did himself in the States with a phone company way back when .......never see any of them on eBay though and I wish I did !!!!!!! LOL.

Just wanted to add that I adore the use of the word "Legendary" .....yeah....HE is a "legend" in HIS own right they are !!!! lol.

Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


For those that can't access link, below is paragraph contained in the article:-

"JT Presents MyCool Bolt-on 

Legendary Pay as you go deals, whatever you’re into!
If you're after inclusive calls, texts or data then we have the MyCool Bolt-on for you. Just take a look at the bolt-ons below and choose the one that rocks your world.
Plus with no monthly contract, you have the flexibility every month to change your mind, swap your bolt on, or even choose them all and we’ll simply remind you by text. Get more with JT’s brand new Pay LESS as you go"

It also contains notifications of the different rates that are available to mobile users from the provider but it is the other part of the article that is just too adorable, cute and what I want and it first of shows another poster with obviously another picture of Michael adorning it and it says the words "MyCool Bolt-on :  Legendary Pay as you go deals  :  from your "soul provider"" and then it gives pictures of three of their to-up phone cards and the first says:-  "how am I supposed to text without you ?" 1p per text"" the second says:- "when a man loves a woman (who lives abroad)"  6p per minute international calls and text"" and the third one says:- "how can we be lovers if we can't get online and stuff ?"  1p per MB"" obviously too each card contains a different photo of Michael and they are in the standard shade of green which must be synonymous with that provider and also have the white lettering.    Whoever designed those I believe is a MB fan  and they certainly possess the necessary flair for the advertising you think I think they are great....yeah !!!!!! LOL.


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Hey Sylvia, I was able to read everything on the site, but thanks so much for bringing all this over here and the descriptions, much appreciated! I have found phone cards on EBay in the past so don't despair girl. Hmm, there must be some way we can get the cards on-line, isn't there? Just wondering. Anyway, thanks again Sylvia, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Thanks Gail, this is great! Hope we can hear some of the commercials online somehow, sounds like they are going to be funny.  Any BB's in the UK, if you get some links please pass them on to us here in the states so we can see them.
from the Jersey Shore (US)
Never thought there was another Jersey around!


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