Hi Everybody,


Its been a while since l posted, although l do check in every week to see what is happening and l have to say..... the forum ain't like it use to be! probably more lookers now than contributors, such a shame.... l remember the good aol days! and the alt.fan days..... they were fun....! getting off my soap box now......and really just thinking aloud!


Best wishes

Carol (London)

you know .... the one that use to do the Bolton On-line Updates! (they were the days!)


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Me too Carol ,totally agree .Feels like some people post for no reason other than to see their names & post nothing to do with the given topic .Just my opinion but that's why I don't post too much anymore ..

I remember all those same sites as you guys do.  Gail keeps this current and much easier to go to one place for official info I think than back then. We had the fan club too and calling the number to get ticket info and the official fan club newsletters and Bolton Behind the Scenese back then and stuff that we got then. So many different sources of info!!LOL


Robin in MD :)

That's too bad you feel that way Sharon, We post when there is something about MB or start threads that are ABOUT MB or they go in off topic.  I don't see why people cannot share and enjoy on here like adults if it's related to MB...Sad if people choose not to participate..We all have a choice to join in and have fun.......If it's not topic appropriate Gail would delete the posts I'm sure..But to each his own I guess!  

If more people joined it it wouldn't seem as much like same people are posting more often!!LOL

Robin in MD :)

I just feel like it has become more about people posting all over the place about stuff not in relation to Mb which can go in off topic .Also feel like certain people have taken over & looks to me like they are trying to do Gails job & be admin .Topics become overgrown with people talking about everything & anything other than Mb .I can understand that conversations can go off track .This is meant to be a fun place & I personally feel that the fun has gone & it has become more about certain people feeling important & in control & the fun factor is gone .Just my opinion xx

Well Sharon that can happen on any website and I've seen it happen on previous ones too for MB not just here, Very silly comments that were not appropriate but I just skipped threads like that in the past, my choice to read or not read it!! LOL  I know people throw everyhting in General Chat at times and I don't want to read anything other than stuff about MB there, and if it is in Off Topic that's better..I know there are threads there now I have never read.. LOL  I don't see anyone doing Gail's job but Gail and she does is amazingly well.. We all have the permissions to start threads that are appropriate and we all have so I don't understand why that would be a problem. I know the tour review thread gets off topic when nothing much is going on but people are having fun so it's all good..Gail would stop anything not appropriate for the site I'm sure.. People have fun on here in their own way..Not sure still what the problem is but that's too bad if you feel that way.

Fans help out one another on here if they can. New people sometimes are lost on the site and anyone on here that can, tries to help. That's not doing Gail's job, that's just being helpful to someone. Many of us have done that too.  I guess we all see things differently.

Robin in MD :)

My post in birthday cards got ignored and that really hurt because other people then jumped on the idea and people blew smoke up their a** like it's going out of fashion so why bother would be my 'off topic' question.

Yes Carol I remember the good ol days too. I sent you many pics from shows and concert stories for your online updates...I remember the ol Delphi forum too!!LOL  the alt.fan one wasn't great, not moderated.  Nothing is stopping anyone from posting on THIS Forum that MB wants fans around the globe to share. It's up to anyone and everyone to put in and share..We all have a blast on the tour thread and anyone can post here..Not sure what you are eluding to.  We are all fans of Michael and enjoy his music.. That's what it's supposed to be all about...This is a free sight and I enjoy it..Much more than FB as I cannot stand the new timeline thing people have now on there.. This is easier to read..

Up to anyone to join in and have fun or just sit back and read.. I know quite a few friends that chose to just read it, and they enjoy it quite a bit!!

Since you posted this thread, feel free to join in on any other one..

Gail works hard to keep this site going and up to date all the time. I don't know what we would do w/o her.. I like this set up and how this one works better than the ones we had years ago..

 I do remember those days too before all this technology we have now.  I still have my copies of your online updates!!!! :) We shared there like we do now in the tour thread, same thing, only different way of doing it as far as I can see. Must have been a lot of work for you then..We all appreciated it back in the day!!


Take care,

Robin in MD :)

I obviously don't know anything, other than what I have been told by friends about other forums, and how good, bad or indifferent they were thought to be because it is just over a year since I joined the internet but I personally love this forum and that I am afforded the opportunity to join in and share thoughts and feelings about MB with those who are dedicated fans and to hear all the wonderful stories that are shared on the pages here by everyone especially on the tour thread about concerts  and I would hate to see anything happen where this facility and all it gives us was put in jeopardy because some feel it is not entirely to their liking or is not run as they would wish but I personally cannot fault Gail in the tremendous job she does of keeping us all on the "straight and narrow" and could it not just boil down to "each to his own" and because that is a fact of life a little bit of tolerance and understanding to those we don't always see eye to eye with would not go amiss !!!


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


I don't think it's a dig at Gail it's more about how do we encourage those, like me, who tune in and read but don't necessarily actually comment. It's obvious that frequent users are friends and shy people might be nervous about jumping in to a conversation but they shouldn't. It's a free for all :) enjoy the ride!



Wow didn't realise my post would make this much noise! lol, to be honest l didn't realise Gail still had control of this forum l thought Sylvia was running it. Don't get me wrong l know its a free for all.....but it has changed in my opinion, thats all l was saying....


Best wishes

Carol (London)


You're not the 1st to say that Carol .A lot of people had asked me if Gail had left .

Gail posted recently on the Blog about what she does bringing over information when there was an issue on there and how the information gets put on here. That had nothing to do with Sylvia...so I don't know how anyone would think she's left. She has a life and is busy and such but she's not gone anywhere!! Thankfully so...:)


Anyway, maybe this clearing of the air will help and people won't feel so negative about this site..I don't understand it myself..We are all fans of MB and that's what it should be about, not being so negative about a fan who just shared info like all of us have over the years...and who maybe just was excited about finding a site to share about MB like many fans have over the years.


Robin in MD:)


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