Hi Everybody,


Its been a while since l posted, although l do check in every week to see what is happening and l have to say..... the forum ain't like it use to be! probably more lookers now than contributors, such a shame.... l remember the good aol days! and the alt.fan days..... they were fun....! getting off my soap box now......and really just thinking aloud!


Best wishes

Carol (London)

you know .... the one that use to do the Bolton On-line Updates! (they were the days!)


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That sounds great Diana! I will go and find my "paper" updates that I received and compare them to what is posted online here. What fun this will be to go down memory lane and compare indeed!!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob

how wonderful it will be to see the updates again! l soooo loved doing these every month, seeing the again will make me want to do them even more!!!

Best wishes

Carol (London)



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