I was having a mommy and kid play date with some of my co workers the other day, and there were around eight kids from age 4 to 6. One of the moms asked the kids what their favorite song was. they each said their favorite....' Wheels on the bus', ' old mcdonald',' little bunny fu fu', and various other kid staples. Then when kiera, my five year old is asked, she says, ' how can we be lovers.' She then proceeds to sing the chorus and verse. :) She said that Michael Bolton was her favorite singer and that he should go on American Idol because he is better and would win for sure :). I gotta admit to being slightly embarrassed that she knew all the words to the song, as it's not the most age appropriate, but really shouldn't suprise me because michael gets so much airplay in our car.

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Sounds as though Michael should be considering another duets album !! lol.    Thanks for sharing a great and fun story with us Payten !! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Oh this is cute.  My 6 year granddaughter gets in my car and says "Nana, I want to hear Michael Bolton"  We got a new car recently that you can talk to and give commands for certain things. If my ipod is plugged in she gets in and immediately starts talking to the car to play all Michael Bolton!!  It rubs off for sure!

Smart granddaughter Gail!!LOL Too cute!!! I can just see her doing that!!LOL

Robin in MD :)

That is really a great one you have there. I remember when my 3 year old was growing up, w used to watch the Hercules movie together and there is always about high time when that music plays and gives him some jolt of energy.

Seems to me like Michael should think of another collaboration to go here! Thank you for sharing this great story that is sure to lighten up anyone's day.


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