Dear friends!!

Today, on May 9, the whole world notes a Victory Day over fascism in World War II.

In Russia this war call the Great Patriotic War.

Now in Moscow begins a military parade on Victory Day. In this war killed 25 million Soviet people..

For Russia it is great and tragic date.

Eternal glory to war heroes!

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Thanks for that Olga and yes far, far too many people died in what was the USSR and a great majority under terrible, terrible and tragic circumstances all brought on by war.  The world lost far too many sons and daughters in the Great War and the 2 World War and unfortunately man has not learnt by his inhumanity to man and still it goes on and for what:  I believe, one reason is, because we are human and we all have our faults and failings, just as we are all different, and until we learn to tolerate those in each other, we can't even start to move forward.  


Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend.



Thanks, Silvia!!
On May 9 there is a great day. Day of grief and memory.

Hi Olga,

Thanks for sharing this with us Olga, In memory of all those lost and to all war Heroes!!!



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