Michael has done an interview with GIULIANA RANCIC and it is suppose to be shown tomorrow, Wednesday.  I'm waiting for a confirmation but didn't want you to miss it if I didn't get one in time.  The interview willl be on the E! channel and I believe it will be on the E! News show at 7 pm ET.

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Thanks Robin MD for that review of the show....sounds wonderful and I will definitely follow through and try and see.

I never knew that you had faced the "demon" Gail and for purely selfish reasons I am darn glad you are a survivor and I have been given the opportunity to meet you on here and get to know you a little but more importantly, to be able to call you a friend:  for that I thank you for your courage and strength to have fought the way all cancer survivors have to fight and therefore, I thank anyone else who has fought the battle and won for you all help to make this website one of the best places to be and I, for one, am glad at this moment in time, I am a member of our own Bolton Family !! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


You are welcome Sylvia, MB's segment is just over half way thru the show.. Yes I'm very grateful Gail is ok and I am able to call her friend..I've been praying for her for some time now. She's an amazing lady.  Yes we are one big Bolton fan family!!! We sure are.....no doubt about that!!!! :)

I made my appt. not long ago and had my check up even tho I had put it off a litte bit..All ok, whew..but we have to remember to keep that on track and not let it lapse ladies. MB made that point also at the end of his interview..Early detection is so key to a full recovery..

Robin in MD :)

Thanks Syvia....Michael's assistant and I found out on almost the same day we had breast cancer.  We both had 2 surgeries, radiation and as of 2 weeks ago I'm clear but have to go back every 6 months for a while.  We were both very lucky and the key was getting the mammogram annually so they can see if there are any changes so if there are they can act on it quickly.  Hopefully, with Michael mentioning people he knows having breast cancer and finding it quickly will prompt others to not forget to have theirs done.  This goes for any types of cancer but breast cancer when caught early is a cancer that can be beat!

Thanks for sharing that information Gail...... how often do we all say that to you and I never thought I would be saying it to you on these pages on anything other than something about MB but, low and behold, he is way in the background this time for I very, very sincerely thank you for coming out here and sharing that with us all that news, for that alone, takes courage....thank you !! :)

I have, very obviously, got to say that I am delighted you have got the "all clear" and I know all the joy and happiness that news will have brought to every member of your family, your closest of friends, your neighbours and your acquaintances, let alone, your own relief but I have to add my own happiness at such news and I wish you absolutely nothing but good wishes and good health, or as we say in Scotland; Slainte Mhath Gail !! :) 


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Thanks Sylvia!!  I appreciate your words.  Gail ;)

Hi Gail, thanks so much for the good news and the update! Was that your friend Liz?  Well anyway, I couldn't be happier for you both sweetie. There is history of breast cancer in my family too so I get checked regularly and follow doctor's orders for recalls: you can't be too careful. Take care Gail and thanks for sharing, God bless. Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada :D

Hi Robin, thanks so much for giving us a full report! I never knew that about Michael’s mom either. Aww, I wish I would have heard his mention of Gail: how sweet of him to mention her! How’s that for 15 minutes of fame? :D I’ve checked the E news site and the segment isn’t there yet but I’ll keep checking. Thanks again Robin, much appreciated! Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

P.S.: Dumb question but did Michael sport his new haircut in the interview? Just wondering.

Yes I think so Sylvie..I haven't rewound the recording to see it again, but he sure looked nice and his hair looked good!!!

Robin in MD :)

Thanks Robin, the only reason I was asking was to have a clue if this was recorded recently or a few weeks ago. I'm sure he looked great! Take care and thanks again. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

I havent' found the video posted today.  Hopefully they will post it later because Michael did do a great job!!  If anyone finds it, please post a link here.  Gail

Hi Gail - I watched the interview last night and I was stunned and speechless! I'm glad you're ok now and wishing you and your friend the very best!!!

Thanks, Nic.  We are both clear for now.  The other person I'm mentioning is Michael's personal assistant.  She is doing good now as well.  Gail


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