Michael has done an interview with GIULIANA RANCIC and it is suppose to be shown tomorrow, Wednesday.  I'm waiting for a confirmation but didn't want you to miss it if I didn't get one in time.  The interview willl be on the E! channel and I believe it will be on the E! News show at 7 pm ET.

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Hi Gloria, you're not the only one sweetie. If you check earlier on the thread, Robin did help us out by reporting what Michael said and boy would I have loved to hear that straight from him... I keep checking YouTube but nothing so far, orI haven't found the right key words yet... :D Take care Gloria and have a great Sunday! Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Hey Sylvie

   In this interview, he had his long hair at times as well as his short hair...he was asked why he had such an interest, and he went on to say that a friend of his had had Leukemia and his friend asked him for his support...of course he didn't bat an eye...he then was asked...don't you have family & friends that have breast cancer as well...he said yes his Mother, then his assistant and his international fan club assistant (Gail) they showed pix of all these ladies...and when I saw Gail's pix, I was shocked 4 she never complains:)! Michael did a very good interview ladies...and I do hope they find a way for those of you that didn't get to see or hear it to get to soon! If there's a way Gail will get it on here! She's so good to all of Us..and she has a good ear:)! I hope this will suffice until then:)! Have a Great Bolton week everyone!

Mary (meg's mom)!

It was a friend of Michael's since childhood Mary, Joel Brander, who suffered from Leukemia and he died in 1992 and it was him who set up the charity "This Close for Cancer Research" and I believe it is still on the go and MB still supports and it was his widow who took over the running of it and Michael was at one time the National Chairman and could still be and I believe then you would have seen MB with long hair if a picture of himself and Joel was shown.

Thanks for the further review of the show Mary !!! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Hey Sylvia, Ms. Brander had quite a few This Close for Cancer events but not in recent years that's I've heard about.  My friends and I attended several of them..One was in a beautiful art gallery up in Hartford, CT once. MB was very friendly and that time it was the same weekend as the Gala if I am remembering correctly..Ms. Brander is a very sweet lady.This event and cause is very close to MB's heart.  You can surely tell by how passionately he speaks about cancer research.

Robin in MD:)

Hi girls, thanks to all of you for further interview details and background info. Now Silvia, thanks for the update on your health sweetie. Hope and Michael’s music are 2 of your best tools right now. Best of luck to you my friend! Good to read you here sweetie, take care. Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Hi Robin,thank you for letting us know about Michaelś interview.I had no chance to watch it here in Portugal but Iḿ glad to know that he talked about our Gail and his Mom being survivors of breast cancer.I found out in June that I have breast cancer and had my surgery last October 2nd and will start the treatments soon.Iḿ scared but knowing that people like our dear Gail is a survivor,gives me hope to win this battle too.

To you Gail,thanks for sharing your story and for finding the time to be here on the forum,always so kind to all Michaelś fans.

And to Michael,thank you for your message and your work on this cause,you are a wonderful person with a big heart and thatś why I admire you so much and your music heals my soul.

Take care you all,Silvia PS

Hello there Sylvia PS, You are in my prayers that you have a full recovery. I am sorry to hear you are now fighting this disease.  Yes you will be a survivor too, I'm sure of it..I would be afraid also, it's only natural...Please take good care..


Robin in MD:)

Hi Silvia and sorry to hear you are fighting the demon but glad to hear that you have gone through your surgery and I wish you well with your treatments and just always remember that if you need to share, or vent, we are here for you and we will always listen !! :)   Take care Silvia and remember that it may be the first time for you and, therefore, the fear of the unknown raises its head but those that will look after you have dealt with it many times and you will be in safe and caring hands.....thinking of you !! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Hi Silvia,

Hope all goes well for you, dear.

Kathy T.:-):-):-):-)

Silvia, I'm sorry but I'm just reading this...I'm so sorry you have to go through this as well!  Know that you are definitely in my thoughts and prayers and if you have anything you want to email about, just let me know!   I'm doing fine now...just have bunches of follow up appointments I have to do but I can handle that!!  Just take it one step at a time!  Gail

Thank you ladies,Robin MD,Sylvia,Sylvie and Kathryn for your sweet messages of hope that toutched my heart.God bless you all.Take care  Silvia PS


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